Florida's Everglades Research Paper

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Everyone in this world values something. Some people value an electronic device, a blanket, their parents, but what about a home? Some people in this world aren't lucky enough to have a home. It's reasonable to say you value your parents because they put a roof over your head, but when you leave to live on your own, what happens then? You have to find a way to live on your own, same as the animals and plants in Florida's Everglades. No not only Florida's Everglades, but the wetlands of the nation. Not even the nation, but the wetlands of the world. Although, lets focus on one topic at a time, Florida's Everglades. Some species are in danger due to invasive plants and animals. You may even say that they’ve left to live in another wetland. A …show more content…
Florida's Everglades is a wetland ecosystem, it's a famous region in South Florida. In the passage "Are the Everglades Forever?", it states "Reports from just over a year ago say that thousands of pythons have been making their homes in the Everglades at the expense of the native (natural to the area) species." This meaning that the food chain in the everglades has drastically changed. In the same passage, the author relates the Everglades into Indiana Jones's dreaded snake pit. The ecosystem is even being overrun by the pythons, which is very unhealthy. In the same passage, the author also mentions that there is invasive plants in the area as well. There should be a healthy ecosystem in the Everglades, but there isn't because the plants and animals aren't working in harmony. In the passage "Are the Everglades Forever?", it states "A healthy ecosystem is one in which its plants and animals work in harmony. There are no drastic spikes in the populations of any one species, or drops in another." For plants and animals to be working in harmony we must be sure to have the ecosystem as it is defined. In the passage "Are the Everglades Forever?", it defines an ecosystem "An ecosystem is defined as a community, characterized by the types of things (plants and animals) that live there; the type of environment around them; and the ways in which they all interact." Animals interact in constant search for

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