Essay On Effect Of Ph On Catalase

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From the above tables and graphs, the results indicate that the optimum pH level of Catalase is at the neutral pH of 7 with an increase in enzyme activity from pH 2 to pH 7 and a decrease of activity from pH 7 to pH 12. Hence, demonstrating a bell shaped curve (similar to theoretical data – See Background Information for reference) which can be seen as an effect of the specific pH on the catalase enzyme. This identified trend can also be supported by the raw data values of the control test tubes as it demonstrated that the hydrogen peroxide and the pH buffer solution did not affect the boiling chips (which did not contain the enzyme catalase) and it was from the presence of catalase within the potato discs which caused the resulting froth …show more content…
The results were consistent with the hypothesis that if the pH environment was too basic or too acidic, the rate of enzyme activity would lessen until denaturation of the enzyme occurs. Thus, rejecting the null hypothesis. This was evident as the raw and processed data demonstrated a bell shaped curve with an optimum pH of 7. These results were similar to the theorised trend for catalase as it was predicted that the enzyme would demonstrate a bell shaped curve and would also denature at pH values of 1 and 14 with an optimum peak at the pH of 7. However, in consideration of both the error bars and the p values taken from the t-test, there were some inconsistencies between different trials of the same pH as well as inconsistencies between experimental values and theoretical values. This may have been as a result of the presence of both systematic and random errors during the conduction of the experiment. It was suggested that the main systematic error during the investigation was the presence of smaller sized test tubes which caused the overflow of the pH buffer and Hydrogen peroxide solution and could be resolved by using the same type of test tube for further trials of this investigation. Additionally, a methodological error during the experiment which was not taken into consideration was the unidentified factor of the potato disc’s density. This factor caused the potato discs to mingle with the oxygen froth at the test tube’s rim and thus, it was decided that the potatoes would be pushed down with a pen which allowed some of the froth to become attached to both the potato discs and the lid of the pen. It was suggested that further investigation on the effect of pH and the enzyme activity of catalase could utilise either an oxygen probe to measure the amount of oxygen produced or the utilisation of a mesh cloth to weigh down the potato discs in the test

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