Amylase Experiment

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Amylase in the body is used to break down polysaccharides into monosaccharides. The monosaccharides are simple sugars that are used to give the body energy. This effect was investigated in an experiment designed to show the breaking down of starch solution. A water bath was used to heat water up to 60oc. Pieces of dialysis tubing were wet and had starch solution put inside. Half of the measuring cylinders were filled with 60oc water, and the other half with 25oc water. Tests of the water were carried out with an iodine test and diet stix to detect any starch that had been broken down and passed through the tubing. The results from the tests show that there were experimental errors, and the experiment should be carried out again to
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By adding more temperatures, the results become more precise as to what temperature amylase denatures at, and what temperature is the most efficient for amylase. Variations that differ from the variables in this experiment could be the effect of pH levels on enzyme activity, which would show the best pH levels for amylase to be most efficient and whether it works best at low, medium or high pH levels. The concentration of amylase would also be a variation that would show whether amylase works faster if there is more of it or not. If all of these variations were done, it would show in what conditions amylase works best at, and if the human body fits those conditions or …show more content…
The aim was not met as the results were not valid because of the errors that had occurred during the experiment. The hypothesis stated that the amylase will break down the starch into simple sugars, and it will leave the dialysis tubing into the surrounding water, and that the 25oc cylinders will create better results as the 60oc cylinders will denature the enzyme. The hypothesis was not supported but as the results were not valid, the hypothesis was not refuted either. To determine if the hypothesis was supported or not accurately means that the experiment needs to be done again without errors. The results could not be used as findings as they were not accurate of how amylase performs in the body. The errors of the experiment are unknown and cannot be accurately stated. The possible improvements for the experiment could include that there are more intervals of temperature tested, pH levels could be tested, and the concentration of amylase put into the glucose

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