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  • Detrimental Effects Of Dissociated NMC On Aquatic Microorganisms

    Doolittle’s handout suggested 0.04 g of NMC per 200 mL of solution (or 200 mg/L). From the Hang paper’s findings on expected dissolution of ions over 72 hours, it was estimated that the combined dissolution of Ni and Co would be around 384μM (272μM for Ni and 112μM for Co) for 200 mg/L of NMC. The experimental data from Trial 1 were discarded due to error in the initial calibration curves. Jan Dolezal’s paper suggested that the sugar to NMC ratio varied between 0.5:1 and 2:1. However, in Trial 2, a wider range of ratios were chosen to explore the effect of small particles. A positive control was made with the expected Ni and Co concentrations and no NMC. For Trial 2 the vessels were made as seen…

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  • Elekta Synergy S Linear Accelerator Lab Analysis

    for measurements. The accelerator is fitted with the new Agility multileaf collimators (MLC) thinner than the previously used MLC’s to improve a field definition (Kantz et al. 2015; Thompson et al. 2014). The quality assurance was carried out monthly to ensure the LINAC response does not vary from the commissioning data (CPQR 2013). The LINAC has been calibrated to 100 cGy/MU at Dmax for a 10×10 cm2, and daily output checking was performed to ensure that LINAC operated within the ±3% limit…

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  • Discrete Element Methods

    One is to direct micro parameters measurement method in which the material micro properties are directly measured. Where some of these parameters are easy to measure, others are very difficult to determine. The other approach is inverse calibration method in which macro parameters are measured and by simulating the same application using DEM, the micro parameters are calibrated to obtain closest results to the measured macro parameters in the experiment (Marigo and Stitt, 2015). Using second…

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  • Narrative Essay On Scoliosis

    She diagnosed me with scoliosis. She wanted me to have another x-ray to see if the curvature had progressed. If it had progressed the x-ray would show to what extent. Doctor Short referred me to a specialist in Charlottesville. He explained that scoliosis is more typical in girls than boys. I was fourteen when the doctor diagnosed me with scoliosis. The doctor made me feel distressed when he said that scoliosis can be hereditary. Which means people with scoliosis are more probable to have…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Act 1 Scene 3 Scene Analysis

    A girl comes out standing on the table and then jumps off and gets low to the ground, does a small roll thing and then stands up bent over with her arms straight up. In that whole scene she went from high topography, low, to medium and also shows curves with her body and straight lines with her arms. Her element is fire the entire time she is on stage. At the end of her scene she shows two more extreme “systems” by falling to the ground again and getting back up to continue her last lines and…

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  • Essay On Innovation Of Schooling And Technology

    Innovations of Schooling and Technology According to Bill Gates, “Technology is just a tool in terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them…” because technology is an easy and exciting way to engage the mind (Gates). Technology is a learning curve and some students are more comfortable than others. The age old cursive writing class has given way to a mostly mandated typing class in all but four states (Redford). All across America, we are integrating this super…

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  • Pricing Bonds In The Australian Market Analysis

    that there are various models associated with the yield curve. The authors highlight the significance of the term structure of interest rates by offering valid examples. For instance, the article points out that the yield curve plays a critical role in the valuation of a coupon bond (Christopher M. Bilson 2008). According to the authors, this demands that a coupon bond is reduced to individual cash flows valued as zero-coupon bonds…

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  • Economic Freedom In Today's Society

    Something that will never truly have any static definition throughout history is Economic Freedom. What may assist in defining these freedoms is the present Government, and today’s society, which means it’s always vastly changing. Today’s Society and present Government is always changing at a rapid pace. Some things that need to be recognized and addressed are Race, Creed, Gender and Religion, these characteristics are all factors that are used to define their place in the hierarchy of Society…

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  • What Are Immigration Challenges Faced By Natasha Johnson: From Migration To America?

    understand why many Americans look like slobs on a daily basis. Sweatpants, sweatshirts, and similar baggy clothing were nowhere to be seen in Ukraine. Natasha recalls getting dressed up and applying make up just to take the garbage out, even though it would only take a few minutes to do so. To her surprise, people traveled to very public places without being well dressed and without make up here in Iowa. Shockingly, she could not believe the appearance of people here, nor could she understand…

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  • Technology In The Classroom Research

    lectures and 10% from reading. On the other hand, the study shows that discussion groups have a 50% retention and practice by teaching others is 90% retention (Brooks, & Brooks, 1993, para. 5). Using a Student FAQ format, where students can teach and interact with each other after each lesson creates a bond; therefore, when they have a question on homework, the Student FAQ format can improve how well students retain information through each other. Although every student learns and processes…

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