California Correctional Peace Officers Association

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    controversial. Furthermore, the overcrowding in jails has had a reduction in their population that wasn’t seen in the last 40 years (Giblin, 2014, pp.249). The decline on the inmate population can be attributed to factors such as economic and the reconsideration of penal reforms to solve the issues of overcrowding in jails. However the influence of prison officers unions make major impacts on the policies that get passed. Moreover, the influence of California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) towards policies regarding inmate population reduction will be discussed. Although…

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    have arose. Unfortunately, California wants to pass a proposition puting background checks to purchase ammunition for a gun. They believe that it’ll fix the loopholes in the ways people can buy ammo, hopefully reduce the amount of felons carrying a firearm with high capacity ammunition ,and reduce the amount of deaths due to mass shooting will help which is not the case. The acceptance of proposition 63 should not be taken because it will only burden the law abiding citizens not stopping the…

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