Persuasive Essay On Ammo Safety

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Ammunition and firearms were designed for one's protection or used in hunting. However, in today's society people see it as a burden or a danger to many citizen. People see it as a danger due to the fact that there have been numerous amounts of injuries and deaths with the involvement of firearms. Many seek for a solution to solve this nuisance of a problem but none have arose. Unfortunately, California wants to pass a proposition puting background checks to purchase ammunition for a gun. They believe that it’ll fix the loopholes in the ways people can buy ammo, hopefully reduce the amount of felons carrying a firearm with high capacity ammunition ,and reduce the amount of deaths due to mass shooting will help which is not the case. The acceptance of proposition 63 should not be taken because it will only burden the law abiding citizens not stopping the majority it was meant to attack such as violent terrorists and criminals from obtaining ammunition and firearms. It will only put the people in more harm than they already are. The idea of purchasing ammo did have precautions and it is believed that if background checks were to be implemented it would increase safety, but many disagree. Examples of officials that were in disagreement were some such as law enforcement, District attorneys, and the longest us spokesmen Richard …show more content…
Prop. 63 will not make our environment and surroundings any safer. It will hurt the resources such as law enforcement not being to acquire gun and ammunition at a slower pace. After closely analyzing the language of Prop. 63, the law enforcement community found many problems in the details. Due to strict limitations on the Legislature's ability to amend voter-enacted propositions, most of these problems will be difficult or impossible for the Legislature to fix if Prop. 63 passes, having California preparing with the burdens and costs of this flawed proposal

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