The Benefits Of Gun Control

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Gun laws are one of the things that won’t get everyone satisfied. Everyone has a different opinion due to either political views or past experience. Some may prefer the idea of gun control or banning guns is the only to stop deaths. According to the National Survey of Law Enforcement, “many proposed gun control measures – including bans on assault weapon – will be ineffective at reducing violent crime and that legal gun ownership by private citizens would prove a better safeguard.” Although having a strict gun control may have it’s benefits when reducing death, we must use gun control moderately to decrease the amount of illegal activity surrounding guns. If the government has too much control on our guns, it makes you think what else …show more content…
According to Harvard University, a prestigious university, “Where there is more guns, there’s more homicide.” With the increase in guns, it is easier to get a handle to them. Though this is a big issue, this doesn’t happen often in areas where gun owners don’t have prior felonies or mental disabilities. According to U.S. Bureau of Justice, Louisiana has the highest state imprisonment rate. This goes along with the statement that “you’re nearly twice as likely to be killed by a gun,” according to Louisiana also has the 2 most guns in the U.S. With that being said, being in a state with a high crime rate and owning the 2nd most guns, may affect the amount of deaths. Instead of implementing a strict gun control or banning, by doing a moderate background check of prior felonies or mentally ill citizens could possibly reduce the number for those who buy guns …show more content…
I believe this is a better idea because criminals tend to not follow the law. By putting more restrictions, it could possibly hurt the citizens because they’re unable to protect themselves.
According to Marco Rubio, a republican senator, stated, “My skepticism about gun laws is criminals don’t follow the law. They don’t care what the law is, you can pass any law you want and criminals won’t follow it.” I believe Marco Rubio has a good point because if they’re going to commit an illegal crime, they’re not going to legally register the gun. Mass shootings are a big issue due to the large amount of deaths, but this relates to Rubio’s statement because it won’t stop

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