Gun Laws Is Bad

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Many people are effected by crime in the United States and one way to help citizens is to arm them with concealed weapons or in the case of Texas you can openly carry any firearm, for example if you are at a gas station and someone walks in and proceeds to pull out a knife or another weapon to rob the gas station. you would feel more secure if you had a weapon to defend yourself or even stop the crime from continuing any further. Though some presume guns are the cause of crime in reality, it’s the people and their actions they take with a weapon that makes the gun look bad when in reality it’s the person.
The need for gun laws is a good idea for citizens but it is in turn also bad for them. Constricting gun laws only makes acquiring a gun
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And these laws would be hard to implement in Texas because they recently passed a open carry law allowing citizens to openly carry their firearms in public unless the business had signs posted from the state saying they couldn’t openly carry inside their business and so far this law hasn’t caused any problems many people have said that “[they] haven’t even seen anyone openly carrying their gun.” And it hasn’t really had any negative effects on the community. The plus side of this law that makes it even more beneficial in my opinion is that if a criminal sees someone openly carrying at let’s say a gas station they might think twice about sticking up the …show more content…
The people who have been affected by this in any way will tell you that in a life or death situation they would want the option to defend themselves from the occurring crime whatever it maybe. And taking this away would not only hinder the people but history will repeat itself from the revolutionary war where Britain tried to regulated stuff like this and what happened? The people had a uprising that would not be impossible today for that to happen it would only be another civil war which would make it worse it would repeat 2 of the nation’s only wars that happened on our soil and one being the bloodiest in

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