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  • Discrete Element Methods

    One is to direct micro parameters measurement method in which the material micro properties are directly measured. Where some of these parameters are easy to measure, others are very difficult to determine. The other approach is inverse calibration method in which macro parameters are measured and by simulating the same application using DEM, the micro parameters are calibrated to obtain closest results to the measured macro parameters in the experiment (Marigo and Stitt, 2015). Using second approach may cause the micro parameters to lose their physical meaning. Where in the first approach the exact shape and size presentation of the particles are required for simulation to get accurate results. Since in most industrial applications it is computationally expensive to simulate granular materials with accurate shape and size, the second method is chosen for this study. Comment- avoid using the word first and second. Explicitly use the words e.g. inverse calibration vs. direct micro-parameters…

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  • Importance Of Camera Calibration

    element. A shutter mechanism decides the length of time that light can undertake the camera. Camera calibration is generally about finding the parameters internal to the camera…

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  • Detrimental Effects Of Dissociated NMC On Aquatic Microorganisms

    Doolittle’s handout suggested 0.04 g of NMC per 200 mL of solution (or 200 mg/L). From the Hang paper’s findings on expected dissolution of ions over 72 hours, it was estimated that the combined dissolution of Ni and Co would be around 384μM (272μM for Ni and 112μM for Co) for 200 mg/L of NMC. The experimental data from Trial 1 were discarded due to error in the initial calibration curves. Jan Dolezal’s paper suggested that the sugar to NMC ratio varied between 0.5:1 and 2:1. However, in Trial…

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  • Elekta Synergy S Linear Accelerator Lab Analysis

    Elekta Synergy S linear accelerator (LINAC) was used to produce the 6, 10, and 15MV photon beams for measurements. The accelerator is fitted with the new Agility multileaf collimators (MLC) thinner than the previously used MLC’s to improve a field definition (Kantz et al. 2015; Thompson et al. 2014). The quality assurance was carried out monthly to ensure the LINAC response does not vary from the commissioning data (CPQR 2013). The LINAC has been calibrated to 100 cGy/MU at Dmax for a 10×10…

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  • Calibration Of Ph Titration Essay

    Discussion Task 1. The calibration of pH meter was performed resulting a calibration equation Y=-57.833+403 (see appendix). After the calibration of pH meter the pH values show in the table 3, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 13 were calculated from the values of mv recorded by using aforementioned equation. Despite the values the pH reading were recorded the values used and reported in this experiment were the calculated pH. Task 2. The standardization of the titrant solution HCL was performed fallowed a…

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  • Calibration Lab Report Essay

    The calibration curve observed in this investigation was the relationship measured between the concentration of the cobalt solution, or CO(NO3)2, and the absorbance of the wavelength. As it was impossible to measure the true standard curve, the data points and subsequent graphs demonstrated the qualitative information collected and the trend of these values. The calibration curve closely resembled a straight line, with only minimal deviations in either direction. This indicated that the…

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  • Determinations Of Calibration And Determination Of Crude Protein

    wheat kernels in 150 μm sieve; Wwheat in 75μm sieve = weight of wheat kernels in 75 189 μm sieve; Wpan = 190 weight of empty pan; and Wmaize meal = weight of maize flour. 191 Determination of Crude Protein 192 The crude protein content of the roasted maize was determined in duplicate by Dumas combustion 193 method as described in AACCI Approved Method 46–30.01 (AACC, 1999) using a Leco, model 194 FP-528 (Leco Africa, Kempton Park, South Africa). Calibration of the instrument was done using 195…

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  • Overcoming Color Vision Case Study

    DISCUSSION ON ON-GOING CHALLENGES IN THIS AREA As we have discussed many models that are used for overcoming color vision deficiency. This sections gives the main challenges in making a user interface for colorblind users are: 1. Frequency of calibration All the models of color differentiation depends on an in-situ calibration. Moreover, this calibration is short [] and whenever the environment is changes user are not able to perform new calibration. These can be overcome by storing the…

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  • Dissolved Gas Analysis Essay

    Each gas is prepared and calibrated separately. 8.3 The chromatography software performs all calculations for determining the calibration model (or fit). Average calibration factor represents the slope of the line between the response for each standard and the origin. 8.3.1 The variation over the range of the calibration must be less than or equal to 20% Relative Standard Deviation (RSD) to be considered linear. 8.3.2 Linear calibration using a least squares regression can also be used.…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 5 Lab Report

    Multiple thermometers (ATCs on Alkalinity, Sp. Conductance, pH, COD digestion block thermometers, etc.) were not being verified as accurate at the required frequencies. "liquid column in glass and electronic type thermometers without a current manufacturer's certificate of accuracy must be verified as accurate annually. All other types, to include Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) devices, must be verified as accurate quarterly." (47 CSR32 4.2.7.c) This is a repeat deficiency. To correct…

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