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  • Expository Essay: The Digital Divide

    The Digital Divide is the term that describes the gap between people with and without access to the internet ranging from economic to racial factors. The 2013 United States Census indicates 98 percent of Americans having access to internet services. However, it still establishes that a quarter of those people do not have access to broadband or a consistent platform for internet at home. Studies by the Pew Research Center and Fact Tank in 2016 show a stark contrast in the digital divide through educational and economic factors. There is a 24 percent difference between college and high school graduates, a 22 percent difference between users who make 75k or more a year and users who make less than 50k a year (Rainie). At one point these numbers were slowly closing at the turn of the century, but since 2010, the margins have…

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  • Conflict Between The Rich And The Poor

    He is a veteran newsman and pollster with more than 30 years of experience in newspaper journalism. Before joining the Pew Research Center, he served as polling editor, staff writer and columnist for The Washington Post. He serves on the executive council of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and on the board of directors for the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at the University of Connecticut. He has authored reports on veterans, the recession and the middle class…

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  • Technology Argument Essay

    When it comes to the argument of whether technology overall benefits this generation or inhibits it, Janna Anderson and Lee Rainie as well as Jennifer Gabriel have created articles that present efficient information on the two standpoints. Anderson, staff member at Elon University, and Rainie, member of the Pew Research Center, examine whether today’s younger generation has been altered from constant technology use in their article entitled “The Future of the Internet,” published in 2012.…

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  • Dual Language Learners Analysis

    This leaves the other 4.9 percent of the student’s which are two races, Black, American Indian, and Pacific Islander. The third demographic in this community is non-working parents. There is a large number of non-working parents in this community. This community has a 12 percent unemployment rate. A few causes for the majority of non-working parents would be, the rural area, and the average commute being approximately 36 minutes. Another could be because of the expense of child care for…

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  • Stay At Home Dads Essay

    In a family situation society has to adapt to the point at which the woman in the relationship could be the breadwinner and the man could stay at home and care for the children. When a parent stays at home to care for the children and do housework it is usually beneficial to the family’s happiness. In support of their research the Pew Research Center says, “only 8% said children are better off if their father is home and doesn’t work. On the other hand, 34% of adults said children are just as…

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  • Media Fragmentation Analysis

    authors have conflicting data and contradict each other, they can paint a larger picture since both of their conclusions add to how political polarization happens. In “Political Polarization in the American Public” the Pew Research Center created a massive survey to analyze American political identities. “Today, 92% of Republicans are to the right of the median Democrat, and 94% of Democrats are to the left of the median Republican.” The data from the survey shows a large divide in ideologies…

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  • Technology Dependence

    In my day, I would have to write a letter to send a love note, and this generation can FaceTime with their loved ones with a simple phone call. As I was trying to figure out the world wide web, I found these statistics from the Pew Research Center, the average grandpa, or individual ages 50-80, spends an average of 3.8 hours of screen time per day and the second most popular activity, after napping, is watching television (Anderson). Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Noah Kinnison…

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  • Social Media And Politics

    Social Media is Helping Presidential Candidates Social media has grown exponentially during the last years. Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks are now the main source of where people get their news. Politicians take advantage of the new technology and use it in their favor for campaigning. In the 2012 election between Obama and Mitt Romney, Obama had a lead in digital activity. According to Pew Research Center, “Obama campaign published 614 posts during the two weeks examined…

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  • Achieving The American Dream Analysis

    LeAlan Jones talks about how the ghetto is a completely different America, and how he has never felt truly American: “An American is supposed to have life, liberty, prosperity, and happiness. But an African-American is due pain, poverty, stress, and anxiety” (Jones and Newman 199). Most people do not experience the privileges of being a true American. Racial discrimination is still evident today, and can be shown through surveys. The Pew Research Team did a series of surveys asking people…

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  • Civil Rights For Minors

    The right to be forgotten, or the right to have personal information deleted from the internet and/or any other devices, ought to be a civil right for minors due to the foolish mistakes of minors, the backlash of past relationships, and the criminal records of juveniles are already being expunged. A common thought that doesn’t cross the average internet users mind is, the permanency of their posts and/or actions. This trend occurs mostly in minors up to the age of twenty-one. According to the…

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