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  • The Importance Of Writing An Ebook

    With the introduction of iPad, kindle, and other smartphone eBook readers, reading eBooks has never been more popular and favourite for users. This popularity and variety of platforms have also led to the simplicity and easiness to sell and publish an eBook. All this have led many companies and organizations to release fiction and non-fiction eBooks and make their promotion and marketing strategies even more powerful. With the latest platform, the marketing agencies can reach millions of audiences from all around the globe. This article mainly focuses on how you can release an eBook on your own and make it successful. The main key for a successful eBook is its quality and readability. A badly formatted eBook with grammar mistakes and other errors are not going to sell no matter how widely you promote it. This is exactly like publishing a blog post. Before writing an eBook, you have to decide upon the profile of your eBook. Decide whether the eBook is going to be fiction or non-fiction. Decide whether it is going to be tutorial or step by step guide. If it is going to be a fiction story, then decide upon its genre. It would also help you a lot in your writing if you read other popular eBooks. Try to gather a general writing style and pattern from it. When you are writing your first eBook, you should decide upon the length of the eBook. Although an eBook is supposed to be lengthier than an article, super lengthy eBooks tends to be less popular and favourite among the readers…

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  • Artifact Reflective Report

    find any artifact that I have special relationship with, and use it in a daily basis. I think my Kindle was something special to me, and I started using it recently which will help me a lot in my writing. For that I chose it over the other artifacts from my own culture. At the beginning, I started by collecting questions about my artifact, and writing them down in my OneNote app. These questions were collected by both my classmates and me; during one of the classes, I passed my artifact to all…

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  • Management Case Study: Barnes And Noble Company

    Paper1 Outline- MGT 2000 ***************************** 1-Name of Company: Barnes and Noble 2- Your Name: Diosmery Hernandez 3- Why did you select this company? The company, Barnes and Noble was selected because they are a well-known bookstore that filled the necessary criteria for the paper. 4- Company Size (revenue, number of employees, etc, ) Barnes and Noble have a total revenue of 6.07 billion dollars but after removing the cost of revenue which is 4.19 billion, they are only left…

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  • Essay On Technology Taking Over Society

    Technology Taking Over Society Have you ever wonder what this world has come to in the form of technology and communication? Just sit and think what ways does technology play in communication? In today’s society technology plays a major role in communication. Technology comes in all different forms not just phones. Whatever happen to the good old landline? What about only being able to send email through computer? Well, texting that never existed 20 years ago, if you needed to get ahold of…

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  • Should Textbooks Be Replaced Textbooks Research Paper

    Going further into this digital revolution, textbooks are an obtrusive object of the past that should be replaced with tablets in the K-12 school system. As a matter of fact, the great debate of whether to exchange heavy obtrusive textbooks for light, portable tablets has been going on in the school systems for years now. There are cons to this act, but there are many more pros that override the negatives. To help students move into the digital era and be more involved, schools need to…

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  • Raise Smart Kid Essay

    Have you ever seen a young child so eager to get their little hands on an electronic device, for instance, a cell phone or a computer? Well I have, and most of the time they would end up turning into Daffy Duck from Looney Tunes, full of anger and stubbornness, because the word ‘no’ was their answer. Lately I have been curious to know why children act the way they do when it comes to electronics. From my experience I have seen my two nephews, who are three years old and five years old, often…

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  • Paradox On The Use Of Technology Essay

    The Paradox on the Use of Technology for Taking Notes During the first few weeks as a college freshman I identified many contrasts of a higher education and the public school system I was formed in. Grade school, and eventually secondary school, highly discouraged the use of electronics in the classroom. In fact, the use of electronic devices at all on campus was grounds for detention, a confiscation of the ‘contraband,’ and the phoning of parents to retrieve the device from the assistant…

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  • Putting Electronics In Schools

    Schools now are integrating the use of electronics more and more. There is a belief that this can be helpful to children or it could be harmful. Before the use of electronics in schools the only way to write your notes and turn papers in were to handwrite them. There was never a different way to have your notes rather than writing them until the introduction of electronics now days. The use of electronics in the classroom has many pros to it and can be very helpful to the students. …

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  • Disadvantages Of Technology Essay

    Technology has proven to have many disadvantages, as well as many advent-ages in the educational system. Technology has proven to change certain forms of teaching done in classrooms today. With the use of technology, classroom instruction has changed dramatically. For example, back then almost all teachers would write on white boards and chalk boards, but now teachers are writing on electronical smart boards. There are some people who do not like the fact that technology is being used in school,…

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  • Cost Of Paperless

    In the modern age, many things have changed within the work environment. Technology has become not only a part of everyday life, but an integral part of the workplace. Computer can be seen in any office space, wireless communication devices in restaurants, and even a phone in every businessperson’s hand in public. Correspondingly, technology has changed the way mankind uses, stores, and exchange information and allowed the possibility of going paperless. Paperless is a term that describes the…

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