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  • Digital Versions

    from a text many people just use a highlighter, which is easy to do in ebooks or electronic files. However, highlighting is not the only way students should be pulling out important information in a book. “Reading comprehension research is clear that internal dialogue with the text improves understanding and retention” (Pennington, Mark. "Pennington Publishing Blog." How Margin Notes Are Better than the Yellow Highlighter. Web. 05 May 2016). In other words, margin notes are essential to retaining information from a text. Now this is not so easy to do on an ebook or electronic file. In fact, it is just impossible to do. Another problem with assigned books in class is that if it is on an electronic device, there will undoubtedly be more than enough distractions. Being on an electronic device opens opportunities to play games, watch videos that have nothing to do with class, and even listening to music can be a problem for those who are distracted easily with noise. Not to mention if said book is on a phone because there will be texts, emails, social media notifications, and phone calls. It is definitely easier, more convenient, and even more fun for a student to carry around one device with all the books he/she needs for his/her classes, but it is not necessarily the best option when you have so many distractions available, and it being nearly impossible to annotate properly in an ebook or electronic file. Digital versions of books are more convenient in the sense that most…

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  • The Importance Of Print Books

    updated in the globalization. For instance, in North America, Lee R. Et al (2012) illustrate, a fifth of adults prefer to read an electronic book and the majority of them choose Ipads or tablets to read instead of personal computers. They show that the number of e-book read by year is 24 compared with 15 printed books. Furthermore, Lee and et illustrate with their survey in 2012 on Americans readers that. Initially, 83 percent of them prefer e-books for a fast access, meanwhile only the 13…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of E-Books

    On the other hand, resistance to this hybrid trend revolves around concerns regarding the issues of piracy, a lack of outside support and access to professional handling, and the legitimacy of being part of the "anyone can write a book" club. Effortlessness of publishing by electronic means is both an asset and flaw as it renders illegal reproduction just as easy (Rambo). In addition, the lack of professional support is why the market is flooded with poorly written, edited, and presented E-books…

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  • Hard Copy Book Value Chain

    because it is faster to find out where to buy the book, they are cheaper and it is easy to carry with. In fact, when eBooks become popular, so to adapt to the change many publishers have produced eBooks in order to ass value chain for their customer. However, even though we can ignore the convenience that e-Books bring to our lives there are some people still love reading hard copy books because they love the feeling of turning page to page or they don’t have any electronic reader devices.…

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  • Importance Of Print Media

    First of all, it has a huge number of audiences especially for older people in that they are accustomed to the habit of abstaining information for a long time. It must be stressed out that some older people do not have the ability to know how to use the network facilities and electronic products that are produced by technological advances. In addition, the reason why the majority of book collectors have a fascination for paper books is that it has the value of collection and can be done at any…

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  • A Career As A Literary Agent

    How to find a literary agent? The majority of the books published or the literary work acquired by publishing houses gets done by book agents. These agents are the experts in the publishing industry as they know what the publishers are most likely to buy and carry inside contacts with specific editors. More importantly, they can negotiate the best deal for the writers and protect their rights. Thus, it is essential for the authors and writers to look for a suitable literary agent so as to make…

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  • 7 Steps To Publishing Essay

    7 Steps Toward Publishing: How To Get Your Book To Print As A First Author Congratulations! You 've finally finished your first book. Or have you? Is it really ready for print? Is it good enough? What do you do now? First off, take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back. Next, make a checklist of everything you need to do, beginning with the following seven steps: 1. Polish Your Manuscript Publishers can 't be sold on an idea, even if it 's an amazing one. Your manuscript must be…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Online Textbooks

    Instead of carrying around up to five or more textbooks, students can carry them all around in one laptop, phone, or tablet. If there is a computer available, then they will always have access to their textbook. Additionally, they tend to be cheaper because there is no print or shipping cost, and sometimes even offered for free. Jeffrey Young asked the question “Why electronic copies?” and answered “Well, cheaper to produce than printed texts, making a bulk purchase more feasible” (“E-books…

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  • Community Media Gatekeeping

    editors typically serve (Kennedy, 1974; Tichenor, Donohue & Olien, 1980). Further, these editors are often solely responsible for selecting content and have more concern for advertising, which may impact their gate-keeping decisions when compared to editors of larger publications (Donohue & Olien, 1997). While the issue of quality control still exists in an online world, space is no longer at a premium as it relates to digital publications so one traditional gate-keeping concern is answered…

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  • What Is A Business Model Reflects Management's Hypothesis About What Customers Want?

    clear that in long run only a short fraction of companies enjoy their current market position. Major retailer such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart are rethinking their business models in response to show-rooming i.e. browsing in store and buying online from other online retailers. All telecom companies reassess their business models in response to increased competition, customer’s willingness to pay less and less for voice. The telecommunications companies today are trying to capitalize more and more…

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