The Importance Of Print Books

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Firstly, readers need to change their habits in the way how to read owing to the new life style in modern societies, and it is an incentive to people in order to be updated in the globalization. For instance, in North America, Lee R. Et al (2012) illustrate, a fifth of adults prefer to read an electronic book and the majority of them choose Ipads or tablets to read instead of personal computers. They show that the number of e-book read by year is 24 compared with 15 printed books. Furthermore, Lee and et illustrate with their survey in 2012 on Americans readers that. Initially, 83 percent of them prefer e-books for a fast access, meanwhile only the 13 percent prefer printed book. Secondly, the 73 percent decided to read e-books for traveling …show more content…
According to Cook C. Et Al. (2005:67-72) , some universities as Texas Tech and others has offered internet-based courses with these characteristics. Despite of number of electronic materials developed by professors, the use of printed book remain important for a high level in formation of students because of the level of these books is considered reliable. Thus, It is essential to consider feasibility and reliance that printed books establish in the education system and that is not supplied in all by electronic documents with hypertext.

This essay has thus far explained the changes of way on how people read for educational purpose and their style and processes of work. There are clearly substantial changes as a result of hypertext; namely, the increasing number of electronic devices users, e-books and e-works. It will now discuss what is a possible future trends and implications in educations and

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