Digital Versions

Paper or Digital Versions
Many do not ponder whether or not we would trade our paper copies of books for digital versions. Yet, this is a topic that should be very relevant in a world where technology can do anything for you. Replacing paper copies of books with digital versions could come with many problems both for the author and the reader, taking away the joy from reading. Apps that sell digital books could lose a lot of money on every book they sell. Not to mention how many problems technology can come with. This is such an important topic that it is not necessary to enjoy reading to care about this because anybody that goes to school is going to be assigned a book to read at one point or another.
According to an article from Author Earnings, when it comes to the profit that authors get through printed books versus a digital version, the
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These are advantages that printed books have always had, yet as a modern culture those things tend to get tossed to the side in order to have the latest technology advancement. Until publishers can find a way to sell digital books at a price high enough to make a good profit, printed books will be more convenient to sell. When people can put all their books into one file, the organization of ebooks will be much better, but when will every company offer every single book out there? If there were a way to annotate in an ebook then it would be very convenient to just carry any academic books in one bag, but the distractions of technology will always be present. Convenience does not always mean having smaller gadgets, or an easier way to reach any reading material. Convenience is about what helps a person go through their everyday activities in the smartest ways. Having a printed book makes life easier in ways that an ebook simply

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