Who Is The Antagonist In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451, a science fiction novel written by Ray Bradbury, was published in 1953. The book 's tagline is ‘the temperature at which the book paper catches fire ' in the 50th-anniversary edition. This book revolves around the American society where the government outlaws the publishing of books and orders the burning of the same. The irony of the plot of this book is that the firefighters trained to put off fires are responsible for destroying books by burning them. The characters of Fahrenheit 451 include Guy Montag a firefighter, and the protagonist who is in conflict with the laws about the burning of books, which he came to love. Clarisse McClellan, Guy’s neighbor is a lover of nature rather than technologies making everybody at her …show more content…
Even though Beatty was once a lover of books, he believes that his responsibility as a firefighter is to burn the banned books. In fear, Guy hides his feeling about his thoughts and veils the books that he hides. In the meantime, Guy does research about Faber an old ex-professor with the aim of understanding the content of the books he stole. Faber is first reluctant into believing Guy but later agrees to collaborate with him in fighting against the firefighters. He also engages Mildred’s friends in a conversation about the books but just likes the rest and he realizes that they are following the rules to escape death and war. However, Guy 's secret does not last long, and it is uncovered, Beatty receives word about Guy 's address and orders him to burn down his house arguing that it was his wife or friends that spied on him. After this ordeal, Mildred refuses to stay with him and leaves him. Escaping for his life, Guy runs to Faber’s’ house for rescue (Bradbury, …show more content…
I love science fictions because they bring familiar instances of real world events into writing. Fahrenheit expresses the reality of events in a catchy way to the audience and hence recommendable to the lovers of science fiction. In Bradbury 's novel, the events of banning and burning books raise a concern of what can happen. To begin with, the Internet is a threat to books. Most people today spend most of their time and days on the internet, whether researching, entertainment or documentaries. An individual will prefer to use the Internet for browsing than going to a library and looking for the same information in a book. It is quite possible that there will come time when books will no longer be around because people are addicted to the multimedia world. According to Bradbury, various historical and political parties dictated the correlation of people into burning books and going to the

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