Argumentative Speech On Tablets Vs Textbooks

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Topic: Tablets vs. Textbooks
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience schools should consider using tablets instead of textbooks in K-12 schools.
Thesis Statement: Tablets help students learn better than textbooks.
I. Introduction
A. Attention Material/Credibility Material: According to the FCC, schools spend more than $8 billion dollars on outdated textbooks a year. This has become a major problem.
B. Tie to the audience: With all the outrageous expenses including paper, ink, and technical support costs that go towards printing textbooks, schools should consider using tablets instead of textbooks for students to use. Buying tablets would make it more affordable and convenient for schools to receive new information with digital textbooks.
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Top K-12 publishers such as McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt who are responsible for most of the K-12 content in the U.S. are creating textbooks that are available now on the iPad.
a. Digital textbooks contain many hi-tech features that cannot be found in textbooks such as the ability to highlight and edit text, write notes without ruining the book for the next student, and a built-in dictionary.
b. Digital textbooks are much less expensive than textbooks. For example, McGraw-Hill offers more than 900 of their textbooks in digital form and for 50 percent less.
3. Tablets allow teachers to better customize learning. There are thousands of educational apps for students to use, so teachers can complement different learning styles. There are more than 20,000 education apps available on the iPad alone. a. For students with disabilities, the App Store on the iPad has an amazing collection of apps for every need — from sign language and communication to life skills.
B. Tablets will help prevent backpack-related injuries.
1. Backpack-related injuries are caused by overloaded backpacks, as well as lifting and carrying them incorrectly. Students are carrying more than 15-20 pounds of books and other school supplies in their
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Doctors recommend that students carry less than 15% of their body weight in a backpack, but the combined average weight of textbooks exceeds this percentage.
C. Tablets increases motivation and creativity among students in the classroom.
1. When using tablets instead of textbooks, it gives students a reason to take part in something fun and motivating.
2. It was determined that 77% of teachers found that using tablets increases motivation and engages students to focused to learn better.
3. Also, tablets help students better prepare for a world that uses creativity for everything.
III. Conclusion
A. Brakelight/Transition: Teachers feel as though tablets are a huge distraction in the classroom. Students would feel the need to go on to websites such as Facebook or Pinterest. However, all schools would have to do is block these websites.
B. Summary: Schools should replace textbooks with tablets in K-12 schools. Tablets will help students improve their learning by providing hundreds of digital textbooks and educational apps, prevents backpack-related injuries, and increases motivation and

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