Tablets Argumentative Essay

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Technology has experienced a tremendous breakthrough over the past few years, and many schools have decided to integrate iPads and laptops into their school curriculum. Despite the controversy over the benefits of tablets in the classroom, technology has proven to have many advantages for both students and teachers. Technology allows children with disabilities to connect with classmates and teachers and learn more quickly. Furthermore, students need to have a basic understanding of technology before entering the real world, where it is growing rapidly. Also, iPads and laptops allows students to think outside the box and expand their horizons, and finally, not only can students increase their knowledge and potential with technology, but the …show more content…
Khawlah Ahmed, believes “The plethora of devices competing with the computer . . .have provided students with the ability to communicate and get information with unprecedented accessibility and speed” justifying that not only will technology become a necessity in our lives due to its immense growth, but students will also need an understanding of technology to fully experience all of technology’s greatest advantages. Tablets grant students the ability to strengthen their work effort in order to accomplish what needs to be completed, and still have time to entertain themselves with their latest technology. Eric Sheninger, a principal from New Milford High School, believes that with this new use for technology, it allows pupils to develop communication skills and use their imagination to start blogs and online websites. However, Paul Thomas, a professor at Furman University, supports the concept that technology is costly, and often children seem to lack an education when technology is present (Is Technology in the Classroom a Waste of Time). This leads to believing that while many students do lack focus with tablets, some others use it to their full advantage and this is a continuous

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