Hard Copy Book Value Chain

Nowadays, technology has many affects in our lives. There are many activities have become more simple because of using technology. In other words, it is possible to say that technology has made our lives easier. To illustrate, many people have changed the way to read book. Before, people who have a habit of reading book used to go to store to buy the hard copy book; however, today, it is more convenient to read eBook because it is faster to find out where to buy the book, they are cheaper and it is easy to carry with. In fact, when eBooks become popular, so to adapt to the change many publishers have produced eBooks in order to ass value chain for their customer. However, even though we can ignore the convenience that e-Books bring to our lives there are some people still love reading hard copy books because they love the feeling of turning page to page or they don’t have any electronic reader devices.
Problem Analysis
Even though we can ignore the value chain that eBooks have created for sellers and also buyers,
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For example about the publishers, they select the books which they think people want to read before getting the market and from the process of printer they want the books will be in the market on time. In addition, the quality for the book will be check carefully before sending to the retailers.
In eBook industry, the role of operation of value chain design and structure is not complex compared with that in the hard copy publishing industry. For example the publishers can directly upload the book online and allow retailers to access to their files. Then, they can create the link for their customers to view and purchase the books

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