Disadvantages Of Ebooks

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Nowadays, technology has many affects in our lives. There are many activities have become more simple because of using technology. In other words, it is possible to say that technology has made our lives easier. To illustrate, many people have changed the way to read book. Before, people who have a habit of reading book used to go to store to buy the hard copy book; however, today, it is more convenient to read eBook because it is faster to find out where to buy the book, they are cheaper and it is easy to carry with. In fact, when eBooks become popular, so to adapt to the change many publishers have produced eBooks in order to ass value chain for their customer. However, even though we can ignore the convenience that e-Books bring to our lives there are some people still love reading hard copy books because they love the feeling of turning page to page or they don’t have any electronic reader devices.
Problem Analysis
Even though we can ignore the value chain that eBooks have created for sellers and also buyers, there are some disadvantages that we
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In fact, many people refer to use eBooks today because it is very convenient for them. They can download the books through Internet into their mobile devices, therefore they don’t have to go to the store, which is take a lot of time and they don’t have to bring the hard copy books with them all the time (Lepi, 2014). In addition, there are many kinds of electronic readers, so customers can choose the suitable products for the suitable price. More over, eBooks are often cheaper than hard copy books; therefore many people feel interested in using eBooks. Even though there are many advantages from using eBooks, the problem is not only because e reader is quite expensive, it is also because of the battery life which make customers have to recharge their devices

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