Bumping Into Mr Ravioli Essay

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Due to the development of technology, people are able to live faster, easier, and more convenient live. The invention of airplane allow people to go anywhere within one day, and the invention of the internet/ computer industry allow people to know everything from all over the world although they do not visit there. It is true that technology is helping people to live more efficient live in comparison with the past live. However, development of technology also causes some issues among the human beings. There are many problems which are caused by technology, such as life ethic issues, morality in the virtual world, and so on, because people could not catch up the speed of development. Adam Gopnik, the author of “Bumping into Mr. Ravioli”, demonstrates the problem related to communication and busyness because of the development of technology. …show more content…
Sherry Turkle, the author of “Along Together”, also talks about the impact of technology in the relationship. She elaborates that the development of technology helps people to live better life but it also brings question about ‘authenticity’ in the relationship among the people. Due to the technology, the society which we live in nowadays makes people to be exposed in the grid of busyness. It seems that the authenticity is destroyed its own meaning in the grid of busyness, nevertheless, people accept what they are doing now and still can enjoy the ‘authentic’ life in the busy life because the products of technology help to keep intimacy and communication in the

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