Why Is Modern Technology Good Or Bad?

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Is Modern Technology Good or Bad?

Modern Technology

Along with the development of the age, there are many advanced technologies emerge. Science and technology does not stop at a single point. In the era of the 20th century as it is today, rapid progress of science and technology is so fast, so that people can live and undergo daily activities easily. Internet, smart phone, drone, and many others are the kinds of modern technology works. Let’s see about drone, this powerful tool is very popular today because the benefits are very spacious and very petrified human work. However, the influence of science and technology for human life is diverse but essentially it can facilitate human activities. So, is modern technology good or bad?

Positive and negative impacts of modern technology

It can not be denied with all modern technological invention, there must be positive and negative impacts. However good or
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However, modern technology not only brings good things but also there are some bad things. As a lifestyle that can change everyone. The presence of modern technology also can make people become more individualistic as they prefer to spend time with their gadgets and forget about the need for socialization. There are also people who spend their time doing online game and forget all the affairs. It can be said modern technology makes people lazy and keep us from real life. But it certainly can be handled and can be avoided for sure? We should keep living our lives and keep away from the attitude of individualism.

Thus, is modern technology good or bad depends in terms of where we see it and how we use it. Hopefully we can use modern technology to the best of our ability and we can avoid the negative impacts in any

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