E Book Is Better Than Paper Book

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E-book Is Better Than Paper Book
Bill Gates once said “We’re changing the world with technology.” Some people think Bill Gates’ advanced technology might ruin our society. On the other hand, some people think his technology create a new world. In fact, technology is changing our world day by day. E-book is one of the examples. Nowadays, you can see people reading books with different devices, such as phones, tablets, or e-readers everywhere. Once you have one of those devices, you can read anywhere you want. You can read as much as you want. It also saves the environment because it doesn’t need paper. Therefore, E-book saves time, money and is more convenient.
First, choosing an E-book is more convenient than choosing a paper book. People have more options when they are using the e-readers. Most of the elders cannot see the small letters easily when they are reading the books. However, they can get to choose the font and the size of the letters. Some of the E-readers also provides dictionary, so that people can check some specific terms in the book. Nowadays, a lot of people like to quote the sentences from the book and post it on their Social Networking Systems. Instead of looking for the sentence line by line, page by page, they can easily find the sentence from the e-books by using the Navigation function. Besides, “There is nothing more frustrating, though, than when you cannot continue a book you are invested in because it is getting too dark to read.” (How the Nook…)…

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