Management Case Study: Barnes And Noble Company

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Paper1 Outline- MGT 2000
1-Name of Company: Barnes and Noble 2- Your Name: Diosmery Hernandez 3- Why did you select this company? The company, Barnes and Noble was selected because they are a well-known bookstore that filled the necessary criteria for the paper. 4- Company Size (revenue, number of employees, etc, ) Barnes and Noble have a total revenue of 6.07 billion dollars but after removing the cost of revenue which is 4.19 billion, they are only left with a gross profit of 1.88 Billion. The amount of revenue is from April 30th,2015. The Barnes and Noble Company is located in in New York, NY and operates approximately 640 retail Book Stores. They also have about 33,000 full-time and part-time employees,
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They also encourage employees to always ask their supervisors for help when they are not sure of what to do during potential ethics and compliance issues. The company trains their employees to the best of their abilities but if the employee does not comply with their policy their job may be terminated. 9- Company Planning Issues and Important decisions made recently by management (chapter 4) The Barnes and Noble Company is trying to expand their business by not making the bookstore all about books. The company is trying to expand their non-book merchandise and trying to see if improving that section of the store would improve sales. As well as trying to improve their non-book merchandise, they are also trying to attract more students to their store by adding a department for college books. This means that once again they are in heavy competition with amazon trying to catch the students attention with affordable prices. 10- Company Structure (chapter …show more content…
They started to think of a way to bring in more customers interest by creating a tablet for digital books. For those who are not fans of an electronical book, they created a café in every Barnes and noble store to attract those who just want to enjoy their book with a cup of coffee. Since the company is already aware that hard cover books are not enough, they are thinking of different ways to make the store more technology friendly. They need to continue this way of thinking in order to keep up with their competition and be

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