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  • Talking Back Swearing Case Study

    Behavior 1: Talking Back/Swearing The behavior of talking back which is defined as any time the patient responds to her parents in a rude/sarcastic tone with intent to hurt her parents’ feelings. The behavior of swearing at her parents is defined as any time the patient uses profane language during a conversation either towards her parents directly or casually in the conversation. This most often occurs when the parent brings up a topic sensitive to the patient (i.e. the moving from their old lives; running away from their problems) and is followed by the patient controlling the conversation through rude sarcasm or swearing. Therefore it is hypothesized that the function of this behavior is attention seeking and escape/avoidance. Goal for Decrease: The client will reduce her frequency of talking back/swearing by 50% of the baseline (from 6 swearing episodes per day to 3 swearing episodes per day) for 3 or more consecutive weeks. Plan for Punishment/Extinction: Punishment: When the patient talks back or swears to a person of authority, she will put her weekly allowance in a swear jar (and/or…

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  • Complications Of Corruption And Growth At The Micro Level

    the same time, we can also assume that if the firm with a better demand forecast has more profits, it would allocate more money to investments and the firm’s expansion. Thus, the firm’s better demand forecast will impact investment and expansion. Comparing more successful firms to less successful firms, we would find that greater amounts of bribes are correlated with a higher growth rate of the firm, when in reality the main reason of the firm’s growth is its successfully established inner…

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  • Rent Seeking Model

    In the paper entitled, “An Experimental Examination of Rational Rent Seeking,” Potters, de Vries and van Winden (1998) explore the power of the rent-seeking model through laboratory experiments. Rent Seeking was an idea that was first developed by Gordon Tullock in 1967 in his classic paper, “The Welfare Costs of Tariffs, Monopolies and Theft.” In this paper, he discusses three separate but still related phenomena. Firstly with tariffs, he considers how import-competing industries spend real…

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  • Global Bribery Essay

    Bribery is defined as the offering of payments or other incentives to gain illicit advantages. The definition suggests that bribes are usually offered. This could support the argument that bribes encourage corruption. However, bribery could be more common that it is expected. The expectation of a bribe takes productivity and fairness to lower levers and creates a more advanced stage where bribes surges and corruption becomes a phenomenon. The last and most advanced stage of corruption appears…

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  • Why Is Focus Important

    Focus, according to the Cambridge dictionary, is defined as the central point of attention or interest, or the ability to give all your attention, time, and energy to a particular activity. Having focus will significantly reduce the amount of time you waste each day dealing with distractions. You will have more control over your life and be able to use the time you saved in a more beneficial way. Why is focus important Focus is very important because it has such a significant impact on so…

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  • Daniel's Cognitive Ability Report Essay

    obtained a Fluid Reasoning score of 115, which is ranked at the 84th percentile and is classified as the High Average range, indicating a personal strength and good estimate of his fluid reasoning skills. On the Working Memory Index, which measures his ability to temporarily store and perform a set of cognitive operations on information that requires divided attention and the management of the limited capacity of short-term memory, Daniel scored in the Low Average to Average range the subtests.…

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  • Summary Of Orientation By Daniel Orozco

    person who is giving the new employee a tour of the office, and telling him different things about the people who work there. This story is a very interesting read, and keeps the reader interested without giving any background or even any events occurring in the entire story. Daniel Orozco paints a picture and outline of the office, and more importantly the people who inhabit that space. He chooses to not focus on a specific character at all, but instead everyone in the story and how they all…

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  • Emotional Blink Essay

    These emotional stimuli can rapidly capture attention. EAB also occurs with the verbal stimuli, where the participants had to detect words printed in a specific color and the emotionally arousing words and distractor words had produced an attentional blink (AB) when the color target occurred soon after a distractor word relating to neutral words. In other words, emotion induced blindness and emotional attentional blindness are two different terms for similar concepts and where the EAB also gives…

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  • Child Observation Summary

    placed a bowl on the shelf, next the teacher said who won’t to go over to the house keeping area and bake a cake all three girls said me, the teacher said we need to clean up first the children begin to clean up then they went into the house keeping to begin making their cake, they pulled out the bowls, spoons, one child said she was going to call someone to bring her some eggs, next they begin to put on their mittens as if they were getting food out the oven, one child said I need seven eggs…

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  • Common Core System

    meet the academic goals in each class. She also takes him to rehearsals and classes after school. One day, the advisor shadowed Mike in his music, speech therapy and art classes. “He tries hard to participate in all the classes giving his full energy and effort. Music is the easiest for him to keep up with the teacher. He is comfortable and happy while he sings and plays with streamers.” “Only music would cause him to turn from these things and look at people. He would not answer the call. was…

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