The Training Process In Acting

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When considering all of the chapters, I decided to choose chapter fourteen, Acting, with hopes of learning more about the acting process. I have never been in a theatrical production so I was very interested in learning about the process, especially the actors because they possess a lot of talent. This chapter discusses concentration, scene study, and memorization and line reading, which were three things that really stood out to me as topics that I wanted to know more about.
This chapter is all about acting from the training process to the performance and a few steps in between. Although there are many different aspects of acting the main goal is to integrate all of these parts seamlessly. Actors spend years mastering their body, voice, imagination,
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These decisions include the movement and vocal patterns are set and all of the lines are memorized. However this phase varies with each actor, role and production, but actors need to define each step of their characters’ journey to make sure that it builds appropriately. Next is the dress rehearsal, which is usually the first time actors get to work with all of the props, settings, costumes, makeup and stage lighting. This creates a considerable amount of stress but also many exciting discoveries, but a good performance is the ultimate goal. The better prepared and more confident the actors are the better their performance will be, if the performance is shown to many times the actors will become comfortable and it will not be as good as it was at the beginning. Although there are many different contributions to a production from the director, costume designer, scenic designer and many more the ultimate goal is to create a unified whole for the production rather than a collection of easily distinguishable parts. If all of these steps are followed this will become possible creating an excellent …show more content…
Concentration was interesting to me because it seemed to tie everything together, if the actor didn’t have good concentration their performance wouldn’t be as good. The book also pointed out how through good concentration it is very important that the actor makes each practiced movement appear as if it is happening for the first time. Scene study is another aspect of acting that brings the elements of actor training together, through this process actors learn to break scenes into beats which are based on alterations in motivation or other changes such as entrance and exit. I never realized that actors put this much time and effort into what they were doing, I assumed that they learned their lines and performed them, but by studying the scene they are creating an overall better performance. Memorization and Line readings also interested me; I was always amazed how actors were able to learn all of their lines. The chapter really broke down how they did this, from breaking the script into smaller parts to studying the sequence of ideas, this allowed me to get a better understanding of how all of this is done. These three points were very interesting to me and really brought to life how much time and effort actors put towards one

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