Chapter Five Aspects Of Acting

When considering all of the chapters, I decided to choose chapter fourteen, Acting, with hopes of learning more about the acting process. I have never been in a theatrical production so I was very interested in learning about the process, especially the actors because they possess a lot of talent. This chapter discusses concentration, scene study, and memorization and line reading, which were three things that really stood out to me as topics that I wanted to know more about.
This chapter is all about acting from the training process to the performance and a few steps in between. Although there are many different aspects of acting the main goal is to integrate all of these parts seamlessly. Actors spend years mastering their body, voice, imagination,
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Want-to-be actors are able to complete training and receive a degree or certificate, but it takes a large amount of courage to make the decision to become a professional actor because the number of aspirants is much greater than the number of jobs. If an actor is lucky enough to get a casting they will have to begin to understand their role, this can be done by relation to four levels of characterization; biological, sociological, psychological and ethical. Along with this the actor must also consider how their roles relates to the others in the play and the director’s interpretation. The actor must go through psychological and emotional preparation as well, one interesting way to do this is through emotion memory. This is when the actor searches through their emotional history for parallel situations, in order to recall the emotion that they felt at that time and incorporate that into their acting. It is also important that the actors are comfortable with their blocking or movement if they are not it needs to be discussed with the director so that they can come to a compromise, allowing for a more convincing and real life production. For the purpose of characterization an actor may modify their vocal patterns, some …show more content…
Not only did I learn more about the acting process and the many steps, but I got to apply them in a hypothetical scenario where I was the actor. This allowed me to think more in depth about the subject and learn how I could concentrate in a production to hypothetically create a convincing production. I was able to learn eve more by researching an article and comparing and contrasting the memorization process to the book. Overall I learned that there is a lot more to acting than I originally thought and I have gained much more respect for actors because of

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