Talking Back Swearing Case Study

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Behavior 1: Talking Back/Swearing The behavior of talking back which is defined as any time the patient responds to her parents in a rude/sarcastic tone with intent to hurt her parents’ feelings. The behavior of swearing at her parents is defined as any time the patient uses profane language during a conversation either towards her parents directly or casually in the conversation.
This most often occurs when the parent brings up a topic sensitive to the patient (i.e. the moving from their old lives; running away from their problems) and is followed by the patient controlling the conversation through rude sarcasm or swearing. Therefore it is hypothesized that the function of this behavior is attention seeking and escape/avoidance.
Goal for Decrease:
The client will reduce her frequency of talking back/swearing by 50% of the baseline (from 6 swearing episodes per day to 3 swearing episodes per day) for 3 or more consecutive weeks.
Plan for Punishment/Extinction:
Punishment: When the patient talks back or swears to a person of authority, she will put her weekly allowance in a swear jar (and/or
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Plan for Reinforcement: If the patient is able to reduce her smoking habits, then her parents will let her pick an exciting activity to prevent boredom.
Antecedent Modification:
What can we teach the individual?:
Teach the patient coping mechanisms for stress
Teach the patient different ways to stay stimulated when bored
Teach the patient outcomes if she continues to smoke (scare out of usage)
Teach the parents to intervene more and with more aggression/ force than just telling her to stop
What can we change about the environment?
Gradually hide some of the boxes of cigarettes
Reduce the pack by removing some of the individual cigarettes

Behavior 4: Depressive

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