Soft tissue injury

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  • A Nursing Story Analysis

    make everything okay. I’d cry my eyes out and Kenny would hold me, cry with me. He’d grown really attached to Steven, and we’d cry our eyes out about how things were going…” (Schwartz 2). This interaction between the nurse and the patient’s mother is something that some people don’t get to hear about. With the busy atmosphere that nurses are surrounded by, it is moving to see that little moments such as connecting and comforting the patient and their family goes a long way. Also seen in Haunting, the ER nurse gives some insightful learning experience. He said, “Never again would I impatiently dismiss a patient’s complaints by telling him, 'it’s just a soft tissue injury.’ I swore I’d throw the word just out of my vocabulary. ‘This injection will just feel like a mosquito bite’; ‘I’m just nurse’; ‘You just have soft tissue injuries’” (Gutkind 40). The fact that nurses sometimes go through the emotions of doing their job is a relatable idea. However, the ER nurse provides a refreshing idea that doing one’s job should be done with purpose and not out of routine. This is an inspiring comment as the nurse gives the audience that we should approach nursing wholeheartedly and with a passion. The nursing world is a vast pool of different experiences. From a geriatric nurse to an ER nurse, deciding what kind of nurse I want to be is like figuring out a career within a career. The testimonies from these nurses in different care fields show how although they might perform different…

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  • Essay On Ankle Sprains

    most common injuries in the United States. Approximately 1 million ankle injuries occur each year, 85 percent of those injuries are ankle sprains. Ankle sprains occur when the foot twist in a way that causes the body weight to pressured down onto the ankle ligaments. Most victims have reported that they heard a pop or snap at the time of the incident and thought the ankle had broken. Ankle sprains are divided into 3 grades, mild to severe, but each of these can be painful. Grade 1 ankle sprains…

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  • Benefits Of Barefoot Walking

    cushion to absorb all the shock that would be otherwise absorbed by the body. If you examine the bottom of your shoes, you will find they are hard and made of rubber. When you walk barefoot, your feet are literally bare. Compare the skin on the bottom of your feet to your shoes, you will see that they are soft instead of hard. Now imagine walking barefoot on the ground, since your feet are not covered, they will sense and feel many things that you can’t when wearing shoes. And because your feet…

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  • Fetal Consent Case Study

    Consentimiento There have been several situations in history including what belongs to whom. There are more laws on possession than most people would be willing to count. Consent should be given as an official count of giving something significant over to another person, whether it be a car, house, or even organ donations. Not only is it illegal to take these things, it is incredibly immoral to do with or without a law. Before laws were implemented, doctors could take from their patients as they…

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  • HSC Assessment Task I: Recovery Strategies

    It is utilized as a part of rehabilitation of injury and warm-up and cool-down types of training. It helps relax, lengthen and realign muscle fibres after training and performance, creating easier movement for later. Generally, a static stretch is held for about 30 seconds. For warmup and cooldown purposes, 10-15 seconds is still effective. Examples and types of static stretches: · Hamstrings: lift and straighten one side, e.g) right leg; above the hips and press the heel towards the top.…

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  • Essay On Pressure Ulcers

    combination of these factors. There are many factors attributing to the risk of pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers are acquired as a result of prolonged periods of immobility during unrelieved pressure which compresses tissues that overlie in bony prominences. The principal factor in pressure ulcer development is excessive tissue pressure that prevents the normal supply of blood to the affected area. The severity of skin and tissue damage will depend on how long the patient had been exposed.…

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  • Stem Cell Research Importance

    the potential in the development of therapies and replacing defective or damaged cells. Resulting from a variety of disorders and injuries. Such as Parkinson disease, Heart disease and Diabetes. Stem cells could very important for medical research. The cells could help us cure the incurable and maybe other impossible ideas. There are different kind of stem cells to research, (Cell Specialization and Development, Medical Drug Testing,…

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  • Stone Man Syndrome Research Paper

    with FOP is reduced to 40 years due to the debilitating nature of the disorder, with death usually being caused by the complications of thoracic insufficiency syndrome in the later decades of life. FOP causes muscles and connective tissues such as tendons and cartilage to be gradually replaced by bone, resulting in bone forming outside of the skeleton which locks joints into place and heavily restricts movement. (…

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  • Cell Differentiation In The Human Body

    recognize and understand. This is how a cell learns its functions and purpose. Cell differentiation allows the human body to produce more complex cells to then make specific types of tissues and organs. Without cell differentiation, no organism would be able to survive as cell differentiation is very vital for any living creature as it’s needed to make unique cells…

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  • Nonpolar Parts Of A Phospholipid Essay

    SWTJC 2401 Lecture Exam Review 1 Part 1 Multiple Choice Questions Part 2 Short answer questions Part 3 Crtical thinking questions Chapter 1. An Introduction to the Human Body 1. This is the study of the functions of body structures. a. Physiology 2. This is defined as a group of cells with similar structure and function. b. Tissue 3. Using your fingers to find your pulse on your wrist is an example of c. Palpation 4.…

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