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  • Personal Narrative: My First Time In Programming

    “test” did not test my ability to actually program and understand logic nor did it represent any understanding of the given material. My friend and I would spend days wrapping our head around each given objective in the weekly mini projects. Countless hours brainstorming and interpreting logic into actual code. What made sense in our heads didn’t always work out in practice. Every time we got a program to work was like a “Eureka!” moment, but be careful because there are always bugs lurking within the walls of code. Some bugs were understandable and made you feel like an idiot for not noticing it earlier, but others were just ridiculous atrocities that tore through your code and made it seem as if it were a dog’s chew toy but with the power to defy physics. These bugs were capable of making something as simple as 2+2 equating to 4 to something like 2+2 equating to 4.000000000000000001. Imagine spending hours on a program and having the whole thing not work just because of an hour like that. These are the bugs that lurked. Overall, this experience is probably one of the most memorable to me because it was the start of something new, something that would change my way of thinking, and ultimately push me down a path that has the potential to allow me to change the world.…

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  • Gregor Character Analysis Essay

    His family cruel treatment and neglect causes Groger to self starve as he loses his appetite to eat.His family is hugely at fault because they saw him as a problem and were disgusted by him. He felt neglected and isolated which made him give up on himself.If his family had accepted him, since he didn't see care about turning into bug he would have not stopped eating. Gregor, himself is also responsible as he is the one who stop eating and no one forced him to starve. From the death scene only,…

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  • Massacre: The St. Valentines Day Massacre

    Pictured above: Two guns used in the 1929 Massacre/Courtesy The Mob Museum CULTUREIFY On February 14, 1929, a day that was anything but sweet hearts amidst a bed of roses, the St. Valentines Day Massacre unfolded as five rivals of gangster Al Capone and two wannabes were gunned down in a garage on the North Side of Chicago, IL. The day’s events are, arguably, the most publicized and talked about mob event in history. The sole purpose of the killings was the elimination of George “Bugs” Moran,…

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  • Lorraine Hansberry's Poem 'And The Pink Rabbit'

    PINK RABBIT AND THE BRIGHT GREEN LIGHT “HEY, Bunnies! Now the time to Race today” A BIG FAT Rabbit with specs and expensive blue suit announced with A Mike in his hand. He is standing in the Exact center of the racing track. His hands are white, ears are white from the outer side and red at the inner. He is looking exactly as a Big fatty rabbit looks. After listening to this, a bunch of rabbits starts running to the cars of them. They are all kind of rabbits, The black rabbits, white…

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  • I Am Free Of All Prejudice Essay

    right and what is wrong. A baby is innocent. Throughout the years a child starts know how to hate certain races and favor others. The child does not learn this by himself, it’s the parents that teach him this. An example of this would be in the Language Awareness book on page thirty nine, when Rebekah states how she made fun of the girl using the word nigger. She said she did not know where she learned the word only to later find out that her father used this word often when speaking to his…

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  • Al Capone Legacy

    President Herbert Hoover ordered his Secretary of the Treasury to find a way to jail Capone, who up until now had managed to evade being implicated in any illegal act.” The government after him and gang fights happening Al began to go to extreme heights to protect himself, even if it meant new crimes. St. Valentine 's Day Massacre With O 'Bannion dead, a new leader, “Bugs” Moran, comes to power to terrorize Al’s empire. New limits were reached on February 14, 1929 when Al Capone and John Mcgurn…

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  • Space Jam Film Analysis

    elite level. They are perceiving their basketball talents to be everything in life, nothing else matters to them, not their family, friends, or kids, it’s sports or nothing. Swackhammer, owner of the amusement park planet Moron Mountain, is in desperate need to get new attractions and he comes to the conclusion that the Looney Tune characters would be perfect fit. He then sends his diminutive underlings to fetch them to him, whether Bugs Bunny and his crew want to go or not. Well armed for…

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  • Nez Perce Culture Analysis

    Explore is a children’s show that many people just watch for fun, but little do they know there is some underlying message behind the story line. Swiper is a cunning fox that pops out from the brushes and tries to deter her from accomplishing goals. He sometimes even is able to steal some of Dora and Boots things making their mission hard to pass. Swiper costumes is a blue mask, which draws attention to his beady eyes, and blue gloves. His smile is a crooked smirk which exposes all his sharp…

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  • My First Robotics Competition

    of the students on the current Robotics team were doing an internship with a software company in Horsham roughly fifteen minutes away from my house. The next day I had an email from him with the details of how to get in touch with one of his good friends who happened to be the CFO of the company Aegis Software. Aegis is the leading provider of innovative software solutions to improve speed, control and visibility throughout manufacturing operations. They provide software to over 1700 factory…

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  • Roles Of Software Testing In The Hospital Management System

    1.1 Testing: Software testing is a phase in the software development that is used to provide stakeholders of the projects with information about the quality of the product or service that has been tested. Software Testing is also used to provide the objective and independent view of the system and that view allow to realize and understand the risks that could be faced at the implementation of the software. Multiple test techniques are included in the process of executing a program or application…

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