My Ankle Research Paper

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I went to a family picnic about two years ago and they a lot of outdoor activities, like flying kites. I decided to fly the kite but the wind was not as strong so I had to run really fast to elevate the kite. I was preoccupied with the kite and was constantly looking back to see how high it was going. Due to that, I was unaware where I was running and tripped over the leg of a picnic table and sprained my left ankle. My injury was a sprain, specifically a grade one sprain. My left ankle was affected by my sprain. The fibers of the ligaments of my ankle was strained.
It took two weeks for my ankle to heal. To help my ankle heal I would not try to walk on my ankle so it could heal properly. The day after my injury I stayed in bed the entire day. I also wore a compression wrap around my ankle to reduce the visible swelling and took ibuprofen to reduce the minor pain. I also iced my ankle
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Sprains most commonly occur in the lower back, feet, and the hamstring muscles in the back of the thigh. Symptoms include muscle spasm, swelling inflammation, cramp, and muscle weakness. Additionally, when the muscle tears, small blood vessel become damaged causing localized bleeding and pain is produced due to the irritation of the nerve endings. Strains was classified by the severity of the injury the same way sprains are: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3. A Grade 1 strain is a slight tear of the muscle, Grade 2 strain is a slightly larger tear of the muscle or tendon, and Grade 3 strain is the most severe, and those who have a Grade 3 strain go through a heightened amount of pain. Most strains happen to those who do sports, because they repetitively use of their muscles and tendons. Strains can be caused for a various of reason like fatigue or overexertion. Those who participate in sport tend to get sprains if they do not warm up enough before doing physical

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