Lisfranc Injury Essay

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If you are one of the most avid fans of football, you might find it too common to see your favorite football players suffer foot injuries that will inhibit them to play for a part - or even the whole - of the football season. Let us take the case of Ben Roethlisberger for example. Being the Steelers' star quarterback, he should be formidable, right?
However, that is not the case as Roethlisberger suffered a major injury last year known as the Lisfranc injury. Fortunately enough, as there are different degrees of Lisfranc injuries, he only suffered the less severe form, and since he is a quarterback, it would be easy for him to proceed with the healing process.

What is a Lisfranc injury?
The injury occurs as a result of broken bones in the
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The doctor may also request you to stand on one foot and stand on tip toes.
• Imaging tests such as x-rays (it shows the alignment of your Lisfranc joints as well as presence of fractures), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan (it helps viewing soft images such as tendons better and clearer), and Computerized Tomography (CT) scan (more detailed and creates cross-section images of your foot).

• Casting of the injured part for six weeks for those that do not require surgical treatment anymore.
• For those severe cases that require surgeries, and internal fixation (bones are re-aligned and held using plates and screws) and fusion (fusing of two damaged bones in the hopes that they can heal together in a single piece).
• Rehabilition is also needed for six to eight weeks especially for those who have cast or cast boot and those who also undergo

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