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  • Roles Of Software Testing In The Hospital Management System

    1.1 Testing: Software testing is a phase in the software development that is used to provide stakeholders of the projects with information about the quality of the product or service that has been tested. Software Testing is also used to provide the objective and independent view of the system and that view allow to realize and understand the risks that could be faced at the implementation of the software. Multiple test techniques are included in the process of executing a program or application that has to be implemented with the intention of finding software bugs and errors. Testing is the process of finding, detecting, or discovering errors. Testing plays a important role in assuring that we have achieved the required set of quality and…

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  • Testing: An Important Part Of The Software Development Life Cycle

    SPECIFICATION Testing is an important part of software development life cycle. It is performed to ensure quality of the developed system. Testing includes a set of investigative activities that can be planned in advance and conducted systematically, to assure the stakeholder that system ful lls all the requirements gathered during requirement gathering phase. Software testing is one of the key elements in software projects that is often referred to as veri cation and validation. Veri cation…

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  • Software Testing Management Case Study

    Software Testing Management for a Company Specialized in Hospital Software Solutions 1 Introduction Software testing is a critical activity in the software development lifecycle to ensure the quality of and in the confidence in the programs and systems produced. This report has been prepared for a small software house, specialized in software solutions for hospitals to provide a recommendation on whether they should acquire software testing management solution for their company. To reach our…

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  • Nessus: A Case Study

    a big organization or a social user cyber security affects everyone. cybersecurity should be a top priority for all organization big all small. Given the advance change in the land scape, even the most trained team of administrators would have a difficult time keeping up. Information assurance company must conduct penetration testing on a regular basic, so that all the vulnerability that present on the network would be detect and closed up, in other to make it difficult for hacker to exploit the…

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  • Reflection Of Black Box Testing

    • White Box Testing. White Box testing is very efficient for detecting and fixing bugs in the program. In this type of testing, the tester must have a good understanding on the internal components of the program code (Jovanović, 2006). • Black Box Testing. Black Box testing does not require any knowledge of how the internal components or interior structure of the program interacts. This type of testing completely based on requirements of the output (Jovanović, 2006). • Gray Box Testing. This is…

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  • Disadvantages Of Unit Testing

    3. Types of Testing 3.1. Unit Testing 3.1.1. Definition Unit testing (microsoft) is a first level of software testing where a unit/component of software was tested to match requirements. Generally Unit testing is performed by developers or its peers. Sometimes independent software testers are used to do Unit testing. Unit testing is also referred as component testing. Before integrating the modules, the unit or piece of code is identified as a component and complete testing was carried out…

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  • 911 Test Plan

    and took notes as users commented during the practical trial of the application. 4. User Feedback. We progressed our studies by collecting both qualitative - as on the performance, response time, design, and accessibility of the application and quantitative - as on the level and amount of information provided in the application. We took the user feedback into account and made sure that their concerns were addressed and implemented in the application. 5. Expert Opinions. During our development…

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  • Anonymous STD Testing

    Anonymous STD testing for a complete peace of mind Description: Anonymous STD testing is meant for you if you are too embarrassed to take the test. Confidential STD testing service offers you an ultimate way to get the tests done in a confidential manner. College students, setting foot into the educational center, may get something more than the flu shots, supply of condoms and aspirin. Student’s health center has begun offering free STD tests for the peace of mind. The service is offered much…

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  • PICT Case Study

    UnLike AETG, pairs in PROW can either be visited once, more than once or not visited. This result occurred because PROW support constarint in their algorithm. CTWeb is a combinational testing tool for web application. The relationship between CTWeb and PROW is, CTWeb implemented PROW algorithm along with other algorithms in their development. Test parameter and parameter value was insert into CTWeb in two ways, manually or upload the value file. CTWeb also support constraints and weight where…

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  • Speculative Han-Carlson Adder Case Study

    Abstract—In this paper we have proposed speculative Han-Carlson adder. The proposed adder Employs speculation: the exact mathematic function is replaced with an approximated one that is faster and gives the correct result most of the time, but not for all time. The approximated adder is augmented with an error detection network that asserts an error signal when speculation fails. The speculative adder to reduce delay and power consumption compared to non-speculative adder and simulated using…

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