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  • Research Paper On Solar Water Pasteurization

    Years of research have perfected using solar devices to pasteurize water, and the results have been very successful. Many scientists have developed ways to render the power of the sun to destroy viruses, diseases, parasites, and bacteria found in water, mostly using solar cookers or solar ovens. This newfound procedure for pasteurizing water could be the solution for people in developing countries lacking access to clean, drinkable water. Many lives will be saved if all people have access to clean water, and the spread of waterborne diseases will decrease greatly. The use of solar cookers and ovens just might be the technology that helps achieve this goal. One of the most respectable scientists in the field of solar water pasteurization, and one of the original founders of Solar Cookers International, Dr. Robert Metcalf has…

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  • Solar Energy

    TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 2 SOURCES OF SOLAR ENERGY 2 CONVERSION OF SOLAR ENERGY FOR USE 3 Harnessing the Sun's Energy 3 Converting the Rays 4 BENEFITS OF SOLAR ENERGY 4 Solar Energy Advantages 4 LIMITATIONS OF SOLAR ENERGY 5 It is intermittent. Solar energy is only available when the sun is shining. 5 It is low efficiency. It requires large areas of land. 6 It is expensive 7 IMPLEMENTATION AND USE OF SOLAR ENERGY IN KENYA 7 SOLAR MODULE PRODUCED IN KIBERA KENYA 8 Solar cooking 8 Solar…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Energy Saving Battery

    With using this you know when you need to use the battery it’ll work and also you can reuse it and just charge it back up to use the battery again. This battery is also a green battery so you’re not using your electricity from your home to power this battery. So with the information above shows that maybe green energy saving batteries may be better than using wind and solar energy. Pros and Cons Pros of the energy saving battery. This green battery can help us in many ways than you may think.…

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  • Life On Other Planets Essay

    The Search For Life on Other Planets/Moons For years and years scientists have had mars in their crosshairs when discussing life on other planets within our solar system. Now say we discover that mars is completely lifeless in every way possible. Is there any other possibility of life in our solar system? The answer to that question is in the moons of Jupiter. More specifically the moon europa. There is no absolute proof because scientists have not had the opportunity to land anything…

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  • The Solar System: The Origin Of The Solar System

    questions in astronomy today is the how our solar system formed? Not only does the answer adds an insight to other similarly forming systems, but also satisfies our curiosity about the origin of our species. It is extremely unlikely that astronomers will ever know with absolute scientific clarity how our system originated, they can however construct similar theoretical models with faiths of gaining a better understanding. With that being said a simple understanding of the current physical…

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  • The Argument Against Space Colonization

    There are a few arguments made in the article Irrational Dreams Of Space Colonization makes a point by saying “The solar system could also potentially be exposed to galactic sources of high energy gamma ray bursts that could fry all life on Earth; any moon or Mars base would face a similar fate” (Williams,…

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  • Government Should T Have Total Control Over Your Life

    We had a big convention in France with other countries about pollution and what we could do to cut back in causing smog and other terrible pollution things. Because all we are doing is shortening our lives on earth, and pollution has been proven to cut back years on your life expectancy, because China has caused so much pollution they lost 1-2 years in life expectancy. Personally I don’t think this is going to do anything so we should look towards our own country and do what 's best for us.…

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  • Solar Energy: The Benefits Of Renewable Energy

    Energy plays an important part in social and economic develop. As the oil price sharply increases, it stimulates the step of researching the renewable energy field. The advantages of using renewable energy reduce the dependence on fossil fuel resources and carbon emission to the atmosphere. The total incoming solar radiation is about 3.8 million EJ per year and it can satisfy the entire energy demand if utilise correctly [2]. The use of solar energy is usually identified in two contexts: passive…

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  • The Benefits Of Renewable Sources Of Energy

    Solar photovoltaic technology has made vast improvements over the past thirty years. Solar panels now are able to stand up to expectations of producing energy. A study was done in 2005 showing that solar energy provided over 13,000 MW. In turn this would generate 23.7 million MWh annually in Virginia which is about 21% of current electricity consumption. Residents can add solar panels to their roofs, and be put on existing buildings also one can make a solar farm. So by the year 2025 Virginia…

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  • Why Nothing Can Go Fast Than Light Essay

    For my science reader project I read the first one hundred pages of the book, Why Nothing Can Travel Faster than Light and Other Explorations in Nature’s Curiosity Shop. In the first one hundred pages I read twelve short essays that addressed topics ranging from measuring the vastness of our universe to global warming In the first story I read, Sky Wanderers, the authors taught me about a beneficial acronym (My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Pies) to remember the names of the planets in order…

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