Testing: An Important Part Of The Software Development Life Cycle

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Testing is an important part of software development life cycle. It is performed to ensure quality of the developed system. Testing includes a set of investigative activities that can be planned in advance and conducted systematically, to assure the stakeholder that system ful lls all the requirements gathered during requirement gathering phase.
Software testing is one of the key elements in software projects that is often referred to as veri cation and validation. Veri cation refers to the set of activities that ensure that software correctly implements speci ed functionality. Validation refers to set of activities built around traceability matrix which ensure that the functionality imple- mented by the system is traceable
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10.3 Types of Testing
10.3.1 White Box Testing:
A level of white box test coverage is speci ed that is appropriate for the software being tested. The white box and other testing uses automated tools to instrument the software to measure test coverage.
10.3.2 Black Box Testing:
A black box test of integration builds includes functional,interface, error recovery, stress and out-of-bounds input testing. All black box software tests are traced to con- trol requirements. In addition to static requirements, a black box of a fully integrated system against scenario sequences of events is designed to model eld operation. Per- formance testing for systems is integrated as an integral part of the black box test process. 10.4 Unit Testing
Unit testing is used to check the execution path of the module, function, and pro- cedure of the system. Test is conducted with the help of normal data and abnormal data. This testing includes the di erent factors like statement coverage, branch cov- erage,loop processing, abnormality, and circulation etc. With the help of this Unit
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Distorted Fingerprint matching performance improvement based on Fuzzy
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Functional testing is performed on the following items:
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Distorted Fingerprint matching performance improvement based on Fuzzy logic
1. Valid Input : Identi ed classes of valid input must be accepted.
Fingerprint image can of .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .tif format.
2. Invalid Input : Identi ed classes of invalid input must be rejected.
3. Functions : Identi ed functions must be exercised.
After image acquision, legal features are collected. Then, similarity score is computed. It image is distorted, system should detect it and rectify it successfully.
4. Ouptut: Identi ed classes of application outputs must be exercised.
Fingerprints are truely matched with pair successfully.
5. Systems/Procedures: Interfacing systems or procedures must be invoked.
Organization and preparation of functional tests is focused on requirements, key functions, or special test cases.
10.7 System Test
System testing ensures that the entire integrated software system meets require- ments. It tests a con guration to ensure known and predictable results. An

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