Failure Effect Analysis In Nursing

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Register to read the introduction… Furthermore, it involves the identification of steps in a process that has the potential in helping to eliminate or reduce the occurrence of failure (Vincent, 2010)

1. Identification of the interdisciplinary team members who will be incorporated in the FMEA.

The members include the Registered Nurse (RN), Health Care Assistant (HCA), Director of Nursing (DON), Licensed Practicing Nurse (LPN), Doctor, a STAT CODE team, and CHR team (Corporate Health Resources).

2. Discussions on the steps for preparing for the
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It entails prospective identification inclusive of prioritization of the potential system failures. There are five steps of preparing for the FMEA. The first step encompasses the definition of the topic or scenario in discussion or in question. The topic is the process that elaborates on the vulnerabilities and potential for impact on the safety of the patient. It should not only the boundaries but also the limits of the scope of the scenario or topic (Esmail, 2005). The second step involves assembling the teams which should consist of approximately 6 to 8 members from various disciplinary in the health care. The members involved in the process should, however, be experts in the subject matter being examined. The third step concerns the development of a map for the process and evaluating every step and sub-steps of the processes (Longnecker, 2012). The fourth step involves four processes such as the identification of the modes of failure, identifying the causes of these modes of failure, scoring the failure modes in the hazard Scoring Matrix, and manipulation of the Decision Tree Analysis. The final step consists of the development of the action that addresses the root cause of the condition (Esmail,

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