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  • Peat Soil Essay

    Literature Review: 2.1 Introduction Modern peat soil research focus on peat soil improvement using chemical stabilization since 19th century. The stabilizer that can be used for the peat soil chemical stabilization have increased in varieties. Ordinary Portland cement and lime are two of the most common peat soil stabilizer found. However, due to the scarcity of the natural resources, substitution for the peat soil stabilization study was done in recent. In this context, few of the researches that related to the peat soil basic characteristics and peat chemical stabilization will be reviewed. 2.2 Peat soil background and behaviour Peat soil is a mix of incomplete decomposition of organic materials under waterlogged catchment land. In Sarawak,…

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  • Landfills And Environmental Problems Of Landfill In South Africa

    Its idea came about in the early 1990s. There are various innovations, ideas and strategies that make this landfill ideal. First, it does not spread unpleasant odors to the people around. This is because it is separated from residential areas by 200 meters. This landfill has several cells. These cells are filled, one at a time. Before the deposition of waste in them, the earth is excavated to allow placement of a four-tier barrier system. This protects the soil and drinking water from…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Invasive Species

    and the flowers are usually in white with 5 to 10 spikes. For Portugal Laurel, we also use an uprooter to pull out the root and a scissor to cut the stems. Thirdly, the English Ivy is an evergreen climbing vine that usually attaches to bark of tree. It usually has alternate, dark green, waxy and 3 to 5 lobed leaves. It basically climbs and surrounds the tree. It eventually blocks the sunlight from reaching to the tree. It could also introduce a plant pathogen called Xylella fastidosa that…

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  • Disadvantages Of Manure And Fertilizers

    Regular watering The water is the main essential element for the plant’s survival. So required water is to be poured basing on the dryness of the soil. Check the soil for its wetness and if it is too wet then you can put water in alternative days. Even if you mulch the top layer of soil you didn’t require to pour water every day as mulching can prevent loss of water. Mulching Mulching means covering the top most layer of the soil in the pot for about 2 inches with dried leaves , twigs, grass…

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  • Essay On T3 Test Hole

    all other procedures in accordance with the EPA code of practice (EPA, 2009). Figure 1 Picture of the T3 test hole, 350mmx350mmx400mm deep. Trial Hole Assessment Figure 2 Trial hole onsite The purpose of the trial hole on site was to determine the depth of the water table, the depth to the bedrock and the soil and subsoil characteristics (EPA, 2009). The trial hole also predicts the wastewater flow through the subsoil. The first attempt at a trial hole on site met bedrock too near to…

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  • Paragraph On Healthy Soil

    of the soil health and fertility around the world. There are many causes to this, which will be explained later on into this essay. This is a problem that needs to have more focus put on it because soil health and fertility is arguably the basis for all of our foods and without having healthy and fertile soil, there will be a decrease in the amount of crops produced. But not only is the amount of crops produced affected, the overall nutrient level in the food that farmers are growing is lower…

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  • Basic Concepts Of Land Use And Land Cover Change

    CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Basic Concepts of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change According to (FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), 2000; Gregorio, 2005) land cover refers to the biophysical cover of the earth surface or land for instance vegetation cover such as forest, shrub/bushland, and grassland and water. Whereas land cover can be defined as the attributes of the earth’s land surface covered by vegetation, desert, water bodies like lake, sea, ocean, bare soil and ice (Chrysoulakis…

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  • Farmer Field Schools Case Study

    Farmer Field Schools (FFSs) are a great tool in sustainable agricultural development programs because it is a participatory extension approach that includes a significant focus on group and individual capacity building of farmers. The longer-term empowerment goals of the farmer field school seek to enable extensionists to continue to expand their knowledge and to help others learn and to organize activities on their own within their farms to institutionalize practices of sustainable agricultural…

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  • Indian Agriculture Essay

    The early civilizations in India, South America, Japan, and china practiced intensive agriculture and it is known that they utilized agricultural, animal and human residue as fertilizer (Howard, 1943, Food and Agriculture Organization, 1978). Many of these residues either were placed in pits or placed in heaps and allowed to rot for long period of time for the production of soil amendment. The first waste pits made out of stone and built outside the houses were found in Sumerian cities about…

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  • Effects Of Heat Stress On Plants

    Heat stress is one of the major abiotic stresses affecting agriculture production worldwide which causes an array of physiological, biochemical and morphological changes in plants. Maize crop is unique among cereals on account of wider flexibility and adaptability in growing conditions, ranging from Kharif, Rabi and Spring seasons. Further, the response of plants to high temperature stress is reflected in apparent morphological traits like leaf firing, tassel blasting etc. The composite…

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