Roles Of Software Testing In The Hospital Management System

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1.1 Testing:
Software testing is a phase in the software development that is used to provide stakeholders of the projects with information about the quality of the product or service that has been tested. Software Testing is also used to provide the objective and independent view of the system and that view allow to realize and understand the risks that could be faced at the implementation of the software. Multiple test techniques are included in the process of executing a program or application that has to be implemented with the intention of finding software bugs and errors.
Testing is the process of finding, detecting, or discovering errors. Testing plays a important role in assuring that we have achieved the required set of quality and
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the Login module. After that all modules that successfully passes the unit test are brought to the integration testing begins. In Hospital management system there are modules like treatment module, administration, staff management, patient module, cashier module, Giving different sets of inputs has tested each module. Just like developing the module or finishing the development unit testing is important to check that each module works without any error. After the acceptance of the users the inputs of the system are validated. Software units in of an application are those modules and routines that are developed and then integrated to form a specific functionality. Unit testing is done on single modules, independent of one another to find or detect errors. This enables the tester to find errors or bugs in the program and through these bugs or errors resulting errors in integration between different modules initially …show more content…
The primary objective is to achieve the compatibility of each module. The tester tests the modules that are designed with different parameters, length, type etc.

After the unit testing the integration testing of the system is carried out. In integration testing we check if there is any error or bug present in the system after combining the different modules that may be developed by the different stakeholders. This type of testing in heavily dependent on the behavior of the system that it exhibit after the interaction of the different modules and if they are providing the correct and accurate output of indented inputs.

In system testing whole system is tested to see whether the developed system fulfill the required need of the stakeholder or not and verified with the reference

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