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The Integration Test Entry Criteria will rely on both modules be operational. The design and interface must be stable. Things that must be done on entry to the Integration Test stage:
• The UI must be coded and stable. Test case input and output values are established.
• Interfaces and interactions between the back end module and the UI must be operational.
• A bottom-up Integration Test Strategy will be conducted. The low level details of the back end and interface will be integrated. A script will be written to facilitate test case input and output values. The script will temporarily satisfy high-level details of the input and output values.
• Black Box Testing should either be in its late stages or completed.
• White Box Testing should
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Shipping/Live Release Entry Criteria

The criteria for entering the final stages are as follows:

• QA verifies that all open product defects, regardless of fixed defects, documented, deferred, or otherwise addressed.
• QA verifies that regression testing on all product defects and the entire product has been completed.

The software is frozen when the product passes its final milestone. If any code changes are made after the final milestone, the features fixed must be retested. QA, and development engineers will both closely monitor fixes that go into the final build to minimize risk. After the final milestone criteria have been met, the product enters the Live Release stage.

Shipping/Live Release Exit Criteria

The Shipping/Live Release stage is when the product is ready for general availability to the public and the documentation is finalized. The product must fully satisfy its release specifications and the documentation must adequately describe the product’s
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This will be documented and reproduced for the developers.

Expectation of a bug:

• Keep track of what version of the application the bug is found
• Determine if bug has already been written up
• Indicate the steps to reproduce the bug – write enough details for others looking at the bug to be able to duplicate it.
• Actual results – be specific on your findings.
• Expected results – how the product should behave based on the specified requirements.
• Implications – How does the defect affect the product?

The following chart defines the impact levels to be used when entering bugs.

Impact Definitions
1 – High Test Stopper: If you cannot access a function and need the bug to be fixed immediately. The defect prevents QA from testing the feature area.
2 – Medium High Beta Stopper: This is a bug that users would experience. Examples include but are not limited to data corruption, calculation errors, incorrect data, system crash on common user scenarios, significant QA risk, and major UI defects.
3 – Medium Low Live Release: A bug that must be fixed before the product is officially completed, crashes, content, and UI and graphic changes required for

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