Case Study: Spectrum Brands

Spectrum Brands, Inc.
Spectrum Brands, Inc. as a whole has many different brands. These brands consist of appliances, batteries, hardware, home improvement, home, garden, pet care, and auto divisions. Their pet care division alone consists of nine different brands. These brands cover aquatics, dogs, cats, and birds. Some of their products include aquariums, lights, chemicals, food, grooming tools, odor eliminators, and feeders. Therefore; this will mainly focus on one of their aquarist brands, Marineland (Spectrum Brands, Inc., n.d.).
Marineland on its own covers a wide range of aquatic supplies. Most of these categories are: food, water care, filters, pumps, heaters, aerators, lights, hoods, aquariums, canopies, stands, décor, and
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As they are the department that interacts with the customers the most, they will know the feedback the customers have been giving about previous products. They will also know through the feedback, what the customers want in future products. This is important as it helps to determine the feature list to include in the new product.
The sales department will be able to determine whether or not the product will be able to be sold through current distribution channels, if new ones need to be setup, or if the product will not be able to be sold. After all, the new product project will not be a success if it cannot be sold. The sales department also needs to coordinate with marketing department from the introduction team for advertising.
The manufacturing department is also very important to include. They will be able to include information on what different configurations the equipment and assembly lines can handle. They will also know what equipment if any needs to be purchased to fabricate the product. As they will be creating the product, they need a say in the product so they know what each part is supposed to do, what it is supposed to look like, and
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There is no way to change the product once it has started to be mass produced. Though, it might be able to be updated or changed at a later date. The updates include changing the supplier of the gaskets, for example.
As with any other product, new versions can be released after the previous version has been on the market for an amount of time. The same applies here. Through customer feedback, changes might need to be made to the product. These changes, for example, can include using a different size of hose.
The parts that can be affected the soonest through total quality management is the production process. If there are unneeded steps or the products are sitting in one spot instead of constantly moving, there is room for improvement. Just as products that sit on a shelf lose value over time, so do products that sit in inventory or on the production line. This will help to reduce waste and the cost of the product fabrication. The reduction of waste and costs is also a key part of total quality management (Hashmi, n.d.).

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