911 Test Plan

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Test Plan
Test plans were taken out on both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the application. The study plans were categorized into following parts.
1. System Instructions. In this plan, we explained the features of the First Aid App and the service it offers to the users. We collected user comments as we presented our ideas in a detailed walk through, highlighting all the application’s features.

2. Demonstration. A video demonstration was given to users explaining how to use the application and its features. In order to let users have a better understanding of the application, the video demonstration covered the following points: how to find the relevant information easily, how to search through the application, how to use the built-in emergency 911 calling feature, and how to locate near-by care facilities and pharmacies.

3. Trial. We asked users to try the application, so we can get a better understanding on how effective and intuitive the application is with respect to its layout design and categorization. As users tried the application, we paid closed attention on users’ perspectives regarding how they navigate through the application. We went a step further and provided users
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We were made aware of the inaccuracy and incompleteness of information on various conditions listed in the application’s videos, pictures, and the content itself. This criticism helped us improve the quantitative aspect of the application. Along with their expert opinion, the medical professionals guided us to some credible medical journals. We researched these resources thoroughly and modified the application’s content to provide a more accurate information to the users. Once we modified the content of the application according to what experts have suggested, the medical professional gave us a green light and agreed to support the application. Gaining licensed professionals support greatly boosted the application’s

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