Nt1310 Unit 4 Paper

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The following is a list of the test phases that should be performed after the servers for consolidation have been built, software installed and configured. Some of these tests takes place concurrently and some are conducted post-build of the database consolidation system. Systems Integration Testing I (SIT1)
This phase includes integration testing, systems testing, user testing, security testing and Regression Testing. Systems Integration Testing II (SIT2)
This phase includes re-testing of all failed SIT1 conditions after they have been fixed, end to end testing, systems testing, integration testing, and User Acceptance Testing. Parallel Testing
This phase validates that all processes work together to support the business
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• The Requirements/Analysis Phase should identify all cross module impacts and touchpoints within modules.
• Reusable test plans (RTPs) should be updated as needed during requirements/analysis and design phases. RTPs should be complete prior to the applicable system test phase.
• The Requirements/Analysis Phase should determine the business processes to be included in load test and should identify interfaces and remote database access (RDA). Build
• If applicable, objects for load testing are completed prior to the beginning of the systems test phase.
• As the build occurs, necessary updates should be made to the RTP’s. Test Plans
• Test plans should include a level of detail necessary to enable them to be re-used for most if not all test phases.
• Each module should have their systems test plans complete by the start of each applicable phase.
• There should be a separate end-to-end test plan, which covers the entire business process.
• External interfaces for the databases are identified with requirements and key contacts in the test

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