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  • Shutter Island: The Allegory Of The Cave

    Socrates was one of the best philosophers that the world has ever seen. He was even put to death for some his teachings, and he accepted it. The also great Plato was one of Socrates’ students. Plato was also the author of the republic which holds his allegory of the cave philosophy. This allegory has been used in modern day, especially in movies. One great example of a movie that uses the allegory of the cave is Shutter Island. Plato's allegory of the cave begins with prisoners that are chained…

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  • Modern Day Socrates Analysis

    Cassondra Britton A Modern Day Socrates: Bob Ross Socrates was a classical Greek philosopher who is considered one of the founders of Western philosophy. A man who was too progressive for his time, Socrates’ radical ideas, such as the rejection of materialistic society, challenged those whose wealth shielded them from the masses. This progressive man defied common beliefs, and confronted those who held those beliefs. An unexpected teacher of many, Socrates was a visionary whose ideas challenged…

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  • Socrates Rhetorical Analysis

    [Topic sentence] Despite Socrates’ claim that his method of argument amounts to a disinterested pursuit of truth, at certain points in his discussion with Gorgias, he relies on rhetorical appeals to gain an advantage in the debate. [transition to more specific point] These often take the form of ethos appeals directed at the crowd of young men watching the debate. [Set-up/context for quote] For example, at one point, Socrates interrupts the discussion about the function of rhetoric in order to…

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  • My Goals On Teamwork And Leadership In The Classroom

    Legendary blues guitarist B.B. King once said, “The beautiful thing about knowledge is that no one can take it from you”. I believe to his to be true because knowledge is an intangible object that is invaluable. Knowledge stays with you for the rest of your life. Teachers are the ones who instill the knowledge and skills that students use for the rest of their lives. As a perennialist teacher my goal is to encourage students to find their own voice, empower students to become critical thinkers,…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Socrates's Trial

    I was one of the people who watched Socrates’s trial to witness his defense against accusers Meletus, Anytus, Lycon and Athenian jurors. He was accused of not believing in Gods recognized by the State and corrupting the young people of Athens. Although the verdict did not save his life and I do not agree with him in many aspects, his plea in the trial contains lots of good points worth discussing. One of the deep discussions held between Meletus and Socrates was about the argument that Socrates…

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  • Justice In Plato's Republic Essay

    In Plato’s Republic, justice is the main point of conversation for Socrates and his friends. Everyone has their own idea of what justice truly is, and tells Socrates what they believe. Socrates uses his general method, asking questions, to make each of the individuals tear their own idea of justice apart. Socrates idea of creating just cities and individuals comes about through questioning the other ideas of justice. First, how does the city become just? Second, how does the individual citizen…

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  • How Did Socrates Corrupt Youth

    In the court of Athens, Socrates was being tried for allegedly corrupting the youth, according to Meletus. Socrates argued that his corruption of the youth was done unintentionally and that there was no malicious intent in the conversations he had with them. Athens was a democratic state in which the people were able to think and speak freely. It will be argued that Socrates was not corrupting the youth because everyone in society has the potential to corrupt the youth. The analysis of this…

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  • Moral Reasoning By Louis Groarke: Chapter Analysis

    knowledge and for Socrates in was a blessed journey, not a mere past time. It is said he believed in re-creation of an everlasting spirit which contained many if not all wisdom. He was aggravated with the Sophists and their way of teaching logic as a method of accomplishing self-centered ends. Socrates simply wanted the truth to all his questions, truth was something that he had faith in, cherished, and sought after. Socrates was a simple street rat with a temperamental wife and children he was…

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  • Plato Socrates Apology Analysis

    Socrates’ Responsibilities in Plato’s The Death and Trial of Socrates Socrates has made a lasting impression on readers for millennia. Being an outspoken mind that taught his methods to others, his legacy continued through his protégée, Plato, whose own works have also greatly influenced today’s modern ideology (Class Notes January 24th). In Plato’s The Trial and Death of Socrates, Socrates is accused by Meletus of corrupting Athens’ young, creating new deities and not believing in the city’s…

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  • Socrates 'Wisdom In Artistophanes' Clouds

    Particularly, in the play, Artistophanes’ Clouds, the playwright depicts Socrates as the pinnacle philosopher of the Thinkery in Athens. Socrates is an influential thinker, a man who creates high pursuit for knowing the truth in determining a situation from right or wrong. Specifically, Socrates applies critical philosophy to each issue thus, finding a natural explanation for doing the right thing. However, this then leads to practical and skeptical wisdom, which Socrates uses the practical…

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