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  • Rhetorical Analysis Essay: The Apology, By Socrates

    attended the trail. Plato s Apology is the principal text on which Kierke-gaard relies in arguing for the idea that Socrates is fundamentally an ironist. While the Apology is more of a speech than a dialogue, there are multiple examples of the Socratic method and the use of irony throughout the…

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  • Law School Film Analysis

    The Socratic Method was illustrated in this film by Kingsfield, the professor of Hart’s contract law course. Kingsfield believes that the Socratic Method helps one to analyze the facts, trains the mind and keeps the class constantly thinking. This pedagogical tool for learning the law includes both strengths and weaknesses. The…

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  • Meno's Socratic Dialectic Analysis

    Plato’s Meno offers a Socratic dialectic discussing the question of virtue between the philosopher Socrates and a young Thessalian aristocrat Meno. Meno asks the following question to be analyzed at length throughout the dialogue: Can virtue be taught? Using the Socratic process, Meno attempts to understand the various complexities associated with that question. In addition, another player, Anytus, an Athenian statesman, serves to not only offer a varying perspective on the matter of virtue, but…

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  • Differences Of Socrates And Descartes

    ideas. This would go on to be known as the “Socratic Method”. Socrates cared about why things worked the way they did or to put it in layman 's terms he was not concerned with the end result but rather with how to obtain the…

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  • Essay On The Purpose Of Education

    Socrates taught in a way that consisted of inquiry and discussion between people in a way that encouraged critical thinking. This teaching practice is now known as the Socratic method. Socrates once said, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” This quote speaks to motivate people to be original and ingrains in them a desire for truth. Socrates and King both seem to be suggesting that education…

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  • Francis L. Wellman's The Art Of Cross Examination

    discussion.” The exercise is well known to the Western world as the Socratic method. The Greek called this method “elenchus,” which often refers as refutation. Other words that can be used to describes the term are acquisitioning, testing, probing, questioning, counter-question, inquiring, investigating, or cross-examining. Because of this, it is very popular in today use of interrogate, proof, or examination in the law of court. This method according to Christopher Meckstroth, consisted of…

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  • Greek Mythology Influence On Western Civilization Essay

    Introduction Throughout the course of this class, we have learned about numerous individuals and topics, which have had an immense influence on molding western civilization. It has been built upon the achievements of history’s greatest leaders, ideas and documents. The most important, however, was that of Greek mythology, the philosophies of Socrates, and Augustine’s, Confessions. From the beginning of the belief in higher powers, to the philosophical advances and growth of religion, it is…

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  • Euthyphro's Socratic Argument

    In his emphasis on virtue and the search for guidance within it, Socrates applies his Socratic method in the Euthyphro, the Apology, and the Crito as a means to alter the fixed mindsets and behaviors of the antagonists that surround him. For example, the individual responsibility of moral obligation is defended by Socrates’ conceptual mode of his philosophical method in his tearing down of his subjects’ preconceived notions on a topic, such as that of ‘What is piety?’ in Plato’s Euthyphro. In…

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  • Analysis Of Socrates Did Not Corrupt The Youth

    for accusation on any sort of impiety/corruption; such an accusation requires Socrates to have said something that is blatantly immoral, even just from the Athenian perspective. This does not exist, however, because that does not align with the Socratic method. The ideas that are being discussed throughout the trial – atheism, piety, corruption, etc. – are the results of Socrates’ questioning, not what Socrates portrays as reference to his own…

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  • The Trial Of Socrates Summary

    The trial of Socrates takes place in the year 399 That trial follows very quickly upon the famous Peloponnesian war. The war that took place between the two great powers of the Greek world between the Spartans and Athens. The Athens that fought this war was at its height of the political power and prestige but lost the 30-year war to Sparta. Sparta initiated the 30 tyrants to rule the city. The next year the 30 tyrants were driven out and a democratic society was once again established. Three…

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