Socratic Method Vs Misology Essay

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Socratic Method vs. Misology Misology is the hatred of reasonable discourse, and the socratic method is all about learning through discussion and arguments. Being a misologue prevents one from growing as a person and learning about themselves, as well as the world around them. Misology is dangerous to an individual because it directly prevents any opportunity of learning. Socrates believes misology is so harmful because it allows for one to live in ignorance, and it is an easy way to avoid logical thought. In order to see how misology is a direct contradiction with the Socratic method one must first understand what this term means. The Socratic method is a discussion between two or more individuals in which questions are asked and answered …show more content…
Misology is a lack of desire for knowledge, and because of this one’s attention would be focused on worldly things, rather than a deeper meaning for life. Misologues would also fear death because they have no in depth knowledge of things in the spiritual realm. One critique that Socrates’ does not mention, that is crucial to the reason why misology is such a downfall is how it affects human interaction. This is the biggest downfall in misologues. When one is a misologue, they are ultimately cutting themselves off from a majority of conversations. Being a misologue can cause one to hate an individual because of their argument, rather than just hating the argument, which can cause broken relationships. One can come to the conclusion that although there is a time and place for questioning things, most of the time individuals should strive to learn and have conversations that help them grow. Being a misologue has a lot to do with being prideful and not wanting to admit when one’s opinions are wrong. When someone is a misologue they put themselves in a place where they will not be able to understand or know the true form of

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