Is The Socratic Method Of Teaching A Useful Way For Students To Learn?

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Edin Palmar
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Dr. Schuh
Ch.1 Introduction
1. Explain some of the benefits a student may gain by studying philosophy.
Studying philosophy helps one tackle the question of the “self” in the sense that it makes one really think of why they believe in something or why one does the things they do. This in turn will help us to “think, reason, and evaluate” critically in order to attain wisdom and intelligence, something not easily obtained due to the constant bombardment of the media and outside world around us (Roca and Schuh, 2).However, through the study of philosophy, we will “enhance our ability” to analyze what life will throw at us. It also helps us to analyze logically and critically, to question thoroughly, and to write and think rigorously, which in retrospect makes us more intelligent and well informed individuals.
2. Explain the Socratic Method of Teaching. Is this a useful way for students to learn?
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This method allows the students to really think and analyze the question and answer it to the best of their abilities. It technically yields no wrong answers because it allows the students to piggy-back off each other to obtain a consensus or a form of a cooperative argument. Whichever the case may be, it allows the students to rigorously think of the subject at hand. Although it is an old method, it can be a very useful way for students to learn because it turns the students temporarily into teachers to the other students, helping them understand and explain their view or subject at

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