Plato And Seneca Argumentative Essay

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Philosophy, a term people often do not know what the true meaning of it is. What is philosophy? What are philosophers? What do they do? To begin, philosophy is the love of wisdom or a search for what is true. Two philosophers that “represent” philosophy includes, Plato and Seneca. Thinkers like Plato and Seneca both addressed how one should live their lives, and more importantly how one should lead a good life in their texts. Plato expresses in his book, Protagoras that in order to live a good life one must focus on the knowledge of wisdom and search for virtues. Virtues are admirable qualities one possesses, throughout Protagoras the virtues one possesses include, wisdom, moderation, courage, justice, and piety. While Seneca also expresses this in his text, On the Shortness of Life he looks at it more in the sense that, in order to live a good life, you cannot be preoccupied with your time. Seneca observes life by looking at the past, present, and future. Intellectuals such as Plato and Seneca follow the same thought process about knowledge, such as how individuals should live a good life, and both methods used for finding the truth should be included in …show more content…
The advice that these philosophers gave was not only able to prove what philosophy is but also showed that they both agreed on the search for what is true, that is living a good life. Whether one chooses to live by the advice Plato gave and to live your life by focusing on knowledge of wisdom and virtues and before learning you must examine what you are going to learn. The ideas Seneca’s present, that you should not live your life preoccupied and to focus on fortunes by observing the past, present, and future. Finally, you could choose to live according to the ideas both philosophers presented. Whichever one you do choose you do choose to live by, you are destined to live a good

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