Cicero And Plato's The Defense Of Injustice

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Cicero and Plato were both great thinkers and both have a big influence on how some societies and governments are operated today. In his writing, “The Defense of Injustice”, Cicero talks about how the “justice” his society believes in is manufactured to work for self interest and not for the greater good. He uses a story where two characters Philus and Laelius argue about justice and injustice. He then goes on to talk about a single law that will never change and will be true for every nation: A law that comes from God and not following this law is sinful in any form. “The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato is similar to this in the fact that the people that gained wisdom by leaving the cave for the upper world would never look back
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Plato wrote about this in his story, “...they remain in the upper world but this must not be allowed; they must be made to descend again among the prisoners [in the cave] and partake of their labors and honors, whether they are worth having or not.” (Plato 873) By this Plato means that the people that have unlocked the wisdom should not stay in the upper world and live luxurious lives and get rich out of their wisdom but in the other hand they should go back down to the cave and help the lost people by guiding them to the outside of the cave. The prisoners and the knowledge seeker should live a life together so they can both benefit from this and not just the ones that have already escape the …show more content…
Our nations need good educational systems we need to expand the knowledge of our children we can 't let them stay trapped in a cave we need to help them“...stand up and turn [their] necks [around so they can] walk and look towards the light…”, by doing this we as a civilization will develop new ways of thinking. (Plato 868). Like the prisoners in the cave we need a “philosopher”, a teacher that show us the ways to our “perfect form”. Someone that can show us and enlighten us. The philosopher will help the children “grow accustomed to the sight of the upper world.” Throughout his books Plato explains this “perfect form” which mean to be a perfect version of yourself. By being this “perfect form” you are in no way corrupted by evil and you are rich with knowledge that will allow you to help others in the journey to finding their way out the cave. If we leave our children in this cave they could be manipulated to believe things that evil people could benefit from making a corrupted society If we can teach our children and guide them to unlock their full knowledge our civilization will be closer to reaching our perfect form of society because they will be able to tell good from

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