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  • The Trials And Death Of Socrates Analysis

    In Plato’s, The Trials and Death of Socrates, Socrates is the ultimate cause of his own death because of not conforming to the democracy of the Athenians and corrupting the young. Socrates was a wise philosopher of his time and was in search of the truth, rather than believing in the Athenians Gods. Nevertheless, it was more than just a simple search for Socrates. His search for the truth turned into a complex journey to where the answer of true wisdom leads Socrates to be brought up on charges…

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  • Socrates Defensed Himself By Virtue In Plato's Apology

    Apology When we hear the word “apology” the definitions that rings bell to our mind is “begging or pleading forgiveness” but it is very distinct in the “Plato’s Apology”. This article rather authenticates how Socrates defensed himself by virtue of his arguments for being the wisest, honest, and knowledgeable person but remained guilty of the applied charges at the end. He was charged guilty by his fellow Athenians for, not recognizing the gods that everyone believed in and creating new gods; and…

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  • Dialogic Pedagogy

    Socratic discussions are an “effective wavy of engaging students in tasks that called on their metacognitive and critical thinking abilities, while simultaneously developing both conflict resolution skills and an increased respect for the options and feelings of their peers” (Polite, Adams, 275). While teaching it is important to consider the reason behind using the technique and strategy. When using Socratic Seminar they allow students the opportunity…

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  • Plato's Allegory Of The Cave As A Model For Education

    In book seven of The Republic, Plato proposes the allegory of the cave as a model for education. Plato makes clear that education in which students are passively receiving knowledge from the teachers is not correct, therefore he would regard our K-12 education as being wrong. Socrates, who is the main speaker in the work, explains the allegory to Glaucon, one of Plato's brothers. Socrates tells Glaucon to picture a group of prisoners who have been chained in an underground cave since childhood.…

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  • Socrates And Euthyphro's Definitions Of Piety

    Plato's Socratic dialog Euthyphro through its content can be considered representative of the types of philosophical quests Socrates is highly recognized for. In many of the Socratic dialogs, Socrates seeks out those who possess knowledge only to prove that they don’t possess given knowledge. Socrates performs this task by questioning the experts and ultimately driving them to contradict themselves. In the dialog Euthyphro, Socrates receives three different definitions of Piety by Euthyphro. I…

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  • Thoreau, Plato, And Frankl: Course Analysis

    In this course we have read the works of several Philosophers, Thoreau, Plato, Huxley, and Frankl. Each had their own style and views of life. The class is asked to choose two Philosophers that agree on an idea that is most important to us. That idea for me is living the best life a person can. So my two Philosophers are Plato/Socrates and Frankl. The second question; what is “doing philosophy is all about”, the third question is why the philosophers we have read think philosophy is…

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  • Reflection On Instructional Strategies Applied By The Candidate

    Ville would take a turn using the strategies that I modeled as I was reading. After completing the reading, we discussed the chapters and what we liked about them and what we wish we could change if we were the authors. Then, I guided him through his Socratic Seminar worksheet to complete the assigned homework, which was creating questions that he would ask his group mates the following day. I provided Ville with a variety of sentence frames to help guide him through the creating of the…

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  • Thrasymachus And Socrates In Plato's Republic

    he Republic is known to be one of Plato’s most popular philosophical written works, and is widely taught. Plato’s Republic isn’t a sort of novel, or even an essay, it is simply a drawn-out conversation and debate led by Socrates and his infinite interrogative questioning of the topic of justice. Socrates, Glaucon, Cephalus, Polemarchus, who is Cephalus’ son, and Thrasymachus are all involved in this rather lengthy conversation. It all takes place on their way home after a prayer to the goddess,…

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  • What Is The Importance Of The Trial Of Socrates

    At the time of Socrates arrest he was 70 years old. He was arrested on the charges of believing in false gods and for corrupting the minds of the youth. These charges have philosophical reflections within them. This trial holds great importance for philosophy. The Trial of Socrates can also been seen as the Trial of philosophy. Socrates was a job less philosopher whose only form of income was what little donations received from others he met. Socrates walked around and spread knowledge and…

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  • An Analysis Of Socrates In The Apology

    This essay is about Socrates in the Apology. Socrates was a philosopher, a religious fanatic and a man of reason who lived to questioned why things are the way they are, due to his occupation of questioning and reasoning he was later brought to court on charges of corrupting the young and encouraging people not to believe in godly things that are recognized by the state as said by his accusers. During his trial he said quite a numerous things in the Apology and he was found guilty by the juries…

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