Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

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  • War Of Independence: The Croatian War Of Independence

    When Croatia separated from Yugoslavia on June 25, 1991, while the Croats and Muslims supported the idea of independence, the Croatian Serbs were opposed to the decision. The Serbs, instead, wanted to combine with Serbia to create a greater Serbia. In order to complete this, they began an ethnic cleansing of Croatia. An ethnic cleansing is where an ethnicity is killed off. The Serbs attacked people who were of another ethnicity, such as the Croats and Muslims. However, many became refugees and escaped to…

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  • Propaganda In Modern Society

    follow them. This is called propaganda which is spreading the ideas based on biased or misleading nature to help promote or publicizes a particular institution or particular cause. We have seen different leaders use different forms of propaganda such as Nazi 's, the Soviets, North Korea, 1990s Yugoslavia, and many more regimes. Propaganda isn 't just used by tyrants, communist…

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  • Democracy In The 70's

    variable” and that there are many factors to determining what is a democratic state, such as opposition to mass media, civil liberties, rule of law, etc. (Diamond 2015). According to scholars, there are so many factors that determine democracy that it is almost impossible to truly determine a definitive answer on whether or not a country is increasing or decreasing in democracy. Croatia is one specific country that has adopted the idea of democracy and recently declared its’ independence on…

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  • Ethnic Cleansing In Yugoslavia

    ethnicities in a region and the majority attempt to eradicate the other ethnic groups. In the eyes of the majority, ethnic cleansing was used as a tool to “purify” the country by getting rid of the minority to establish ethnic homogeneity (“Ethnic Cleansing”). The term ethnic cleansing was first introduced during the conflict between the Serbians and the other ethnicities of Yugoslavia. The Bosnian genocide is a product of the extreme nationalism expressed by the Serbians and Solbodan…

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  • Oral History Interview Research Paper

    pregnant with her first kid, my sister Ema. He loved going to the beach, and he told me about how beautiful the oceans are there and how I am missing out. He first saw my mom at a concert, however; they both were seeing someone at the time and he did not talk to her. He later was told that she asked about him, and he made sure to make sure I knew that. He would soon see my mom again after that, and they just hit it off from the start. My dad would marry my mom in 1992 and everything was going…

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  • Bosnia Criminal Trial

    Criminal Court, and the ICC’s processes of prosecuting individuals accused of committing crimes against the international community are based on what crimes were tried during the Nuremberg Trials. “In the aftermath of the Second World War, the Balkan states of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia became part of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia. After the death of longtime Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito in 1980, growing nationalism among the…

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  • Sexual Crime Sociology

    for the rape. Nadler’s research (1999) shows that males have a innate instinct to procreate. It is impossible to control and it is an adaptive and evolutionary behavior. According to Nadler the thing that differentiates us human beings from apes is not the mental capacity to choose, but it is because we socialize men to not rape. This particular explanation is especially relevant in the context of the Bosnian genocide because the soldiers wanted to “spread their genes” in order to extinguish…

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  • Dictatorship In Yugoslavia

    the sophisticated construction of Yugoslavia: “Yugoslavia consists of six republics, five nationalities, four languages, three religions, two alphabets, one political party, and only one “true” Yugoslav – the Josip Broz Tito”. He managed to unite the country and to free it from the foreign invaders, hereinafter becoming a leader of the Communist Party and a statesman, in whose hands all political power was concentrated. Therefore, the thesis of this paper is that Yugoslavia turned into…

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  • The Bosnian War Analysis

    the Genocide The United Nations and European Community definitely share in some of the blame for the terrible situation that occurred. After the death of Josip Broz Tito, the international community essentially stopped paying close attention to Yugoslavia, as it was no longer allied with the Soviet Union. However, what little attention they did pay worsened the situation prior to genocide. Even though there was a great deal of intelligence to suggest that ethnic violence was likely, Germany led…

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  • The Bosnia List: A Memoir Of War, Exile, And Return

    who we may never be able to find the strength to forgive for bringing pain upon us. Occasions in which challenge our minds to their breaking points. “The Bosnia List: A Memoir of War, Exile, and Return” by Kenan Trebincevic is an autobiography about his personal experience of surviving the ruthless war and ethnic cleansing that broke out in his Eastern European hometown of Brcko at the young age of eleven. Not only did he have to watch his hometown get blown to nothing and constantly stress…

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