Pros And Cons Of Education Only In The Classroom?

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Education: Only in the Classroom?

When people think about being an elementary education major, they think that it is only in the classroom teaching kids in kindergarten through sixth grade. There are many more opportunities for teachers. They can volunteer in the Peace Corps, teach over seas, and English as a second language. These options can be just as rewarding as teaching in a regular classroom.
The Peace Corps has many volunteer programs for anyone that is 18 years or older, and a United States citizen and, a college degree. They have programs in 60 plus countries around the world, depending on the candidate’s interest. I am interested in going to a Spanish speaking country because I plan on having an elementary education degree and
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Help promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the peoples served. Help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.” While volunteering for the Peace Corps is a great opportunity to help people and grow as a person, there are many pros and cons that people need to consider before going and volunteering.
The application process itself is getting easier. The application takes about an hour to complete the application. The applicants get to choose where they want to go, and where they live for 2 years. They also have to complete a health history form and get a medical clearance. The final step is getting an interview and an invitation to the country. After getting the invitation, volunteers have a 3-month training period and then they go to their 2-year program. Two years is a lot of time to set aside to volunteer, and that could affect one’s decision to
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Like the Peace Corps, they have many different programs. For the teaching assistant program in Chile the candidate has to have a bachelor’s degree, have relative experience in the classroom, and be 21-35 years old. They also have to have a little bit of experience in Spanish. This is where my concentration comes into effect. The candidate can get up to 80,000 dollars for doing this program. This is significantly more than a general teaching salary. The average elementary teacher makes 54,000 dollars a year. This number might scare people away from the field of teaching because the average cost of living in America in 2015 is about 59,000 dollars a year. The best-paid teachers right now are living in Michigan, which is paying their teachers, 61,560 dollars. The Interexchange sounds pretty good with the 80,000 dollars that you get for

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