Why Is It Important To Pursue A Career In Foreign Languages?

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“Knowledge of foreign languages is particularly important today in the light of America 's responsibilities of leadership in the free world. And yet, the American people generally are deficient in foreign languages” (Shaffer). Spanish is the official language of more countries than any other language excluding English. With the rapid increase of Spanish speaking minorities, more employers are going to ask that potential employees be able to speak and understand Spanish so as to appeal to Spanish speaking clientele. Many schools across the United States incorporate foreign language into their curriculum. Students who intend to go into a professional career may continue further than just the amount of foreign language credits that are required of them. Some may go one to major in a foreign language in college so as to give them an edge in the today 's job market. A student majoring in a Foreign language, especially Spanish, can find careers specific to their major, take the classes and gain training necessary to succeed, and receive monetary gain as well as have an impact on consumers. …show more content…
One of which includes a career in education. A Spanish major can teach Spanish in high schools or colleges, or teach English in a Spanish speaking country. Many high schools stress the importance of learning a second language by making a certain amount of credits a graduation requirement. As more high schools adopt this requirement, the job outlook for Spanish majors will remain positive as most students choose to take Spanish due to its rising popularity in the United States. A student can get certified to teach in other countries, then teach English in Spanish speaking countries. Schools in other countries are always looking to hire American teachers so their people may become fluent in a language other than

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