The Importance Of College Students Volunteering

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These authors composed a study that gave an in depth look into factors such as volunteer setting, motives for volunteering, and factors related to current volunteering and how these specific factors relate to college students volunteering. Volunteering can be considered a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking or a person who performs a service willingly and without pay. Furthermore, in addition to this study providing an in depth view into what factors contribute to college students volunteering, this particular study also gave exclusive statistics on the various age ranges that contribute the most to a volunteering effort at their institution of higher learning. It also gave insight into which age group that does not typically volunteer at their specific institution for higher learning.
Moreover, the authors relied upon some previously established data that stated there was a significant decline in volunteering
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Furthermore, these unique findings highlighted in this will be useful factors in educating churches as well as other sport ministries on how to promote and establish a continuous flow of volunteers, whether it is college students, adolescents, teenagers, parents, or seniors. Subsequently, said sport ministries can not only use the two major factors to establish a flow of volunteers but once established, they can highlight the benefits of volunteering such as developing time management, leadership, and teamwork skills. All with the hopes of not only creating a strong sense of personal improvement but also having the strong desire and drive to advance the kingdom of God, which is the true purpose for being a volunteer in sports

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